Vegan Bakeries in London

March 26, 2024

photo of various vegan pastries in a london bakery

Looking for a sweet treat in London that aligns with your vegan or gluten-free lifestyle? You're in luck! London's bakery scene is buzzing with top-notch vegan-friendly options that even non-vegans rave about.

Vegan dessert jars from Vegan Sweet Tooth.

Vegan Sweet Tooth

Picture it: you're strolling through London's bustling streets. Suddenly, you get a hankering for something sweet. But not just any sweet treat, you're craving the kind of nourishment that's ethical, plant-based, and incredibly delicious. Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? Well, not if you know about Vegan Sweet Tooth.

This place isn't just London’s only itinerant Italian Artisan Vegan Patisserie, Bakery, and Deli – it's the first and only one in the whole UK. From your first bite, you'll know it's a place where they take their pastries seriously. 100% plant-based, organic, and even gluten-free; these folks are experts at making sweet treats that are as kind to your belly as they are to Mother Earth.

Their big win isn't just the mouth-watering pastries they bake, but the way they bake ‘em. Stay with me here: No palm oil, preservatives, or artificial nonsense. Everything they use is sourced sustainably, from local farmers' markets, wholefoods, and internet vegan suppliers. Plus, all their goodies are homemade from scratch.

"Sounds great," you think, "but what if I want to enjoy their treats from the comfort of my couch? Or what if I have an event coming up?" Never fear – Vegan Sweet Tooth caters to all. They have a great online service with free pick-up. If you’re within a 15-mile radius from CR7, they'll even deliver to you (for a minimum order of £50 that is). And let's not forget their event catering services!

Now that's a place with a clear mission: delicious, ethically-produced goodies catering to anyone with a vegan sweet tooth.

Vegan doughnut topped with pink icing from Crosstown Doughnuts.

Crosstown Doughnuts Vegan

Crosstown Marylebone isn't just a hotspot for mouthwatering vegan donuts, it's also a haven for coffee lovers. Imagine sinking your teeth into a fluffy, flavorful Cinnamon Roll or a decadent Chocolate & Honeycomb Doughnut. It's truly doughnut paradise with every single one of the eight flavors being 100% vegan.

Their menu isn't limited to standard fare. Gourmet gems like the Vegan Peanut Butter Berry, Lime and Coconut Donut, and Vegan Chocolate Ring are customer favorites. And the best part? You'll hardly notice that they're vegan - they're just that scrumptious.

Not just a bakery, this hotspot located at 5-6 Picton Place serves up a mix of American and Australian-style fast food throughout the week. Plus, you'll likely find the staff warm and welcoming – another reason to keep coming back. Want to share the Crosstown love at a special event? They've got you covered with vegan dozen and half dozen boxes. No doubt your guests will appreciate the sweet gesture.

So why not make a trip to Crosstown Marylebone a part of your next London adventure?

The Hummingbird Bakery

Imagine stepping into a bakery and being greeted by a decadent spread of Vegan Collection cakes and cupcakes. This isn't a dream, it's what you'll experience at The Hummingbird Bakery. As an American-style bakery with a twist, they've got your sweet cravings covered. Their offerings are as diverse as London itself, from the famed vegan red velvet cake to other moreish options catering to different dietary preferences.

Unlike most bakeries, they don't stop at pastries. They level up the experience by creating a welcoming atmosphere at their multiple locations across London. Whether you find yourself in Victoria, South Kensington or any of their other places across the city, you're bound to find a Hummingbird Bakery nearby.

For those who favor convenience, their online store is always open for nationwide delivery. Whether you're shopping for yourself or sharing the love with their E-gift cards and corporate gifting options, the delights of vegan baking are just a few clicks away.

Assorted frosted vegan cupcakes in a box from Vida Bakery.


Take a jaunt down to Brick Lane, sure to satiate the art lover with its notorious street art and vintage shops. But what catches your eye even more so are Vida Bakery's flamboyant rainbow cake displays. Inside, you're greeted by a lively yet tranquil ambience, perfect while you consume your 100% vegan, gluten-free desserts.

Vida's not just a pit stop for a quick sweet treat. If it's your buddy's birthday, they've also got you covered with well-crafted birthday cakes. I mean, who could skip a slice of their ever-popular Earl Grey and lemon cake, or their irresistible smores cake? Isn't it just a win-win? The visuals, the taste, and, of course, Vida's friendly staff making the bakery feel just like home.

Got your mouth watering already? It's time you head down to Vida, and let their cakes do the talking.

Assorted vegan pastéis de nata from Café de Nata.

Cafe de Nata

Get this, Café de Nata, settled on London soil in 2016, claimed fame as the premier café-bakery in the UK, flaunting the title "pastéis de nata specialists." It's a wonderland of artisan, handmade 'Natas' - each bite, a dance of silky-smooth custard wrapped in a crisp, flaky pastry. Freshly baked treats fill their locations all day.

And don't let the traditional nata offerings fool ya, buddy. In the spirit of creativity mixed with tradition, vegan options found their way into the new flavor territories of this innovative café. So not only are you soaking up the heritage with each mouthful, you're catering to earthly love too.

What's the secret sauce? It's a family-run business headed by a range of folks - international chefs, baristas, and managers. Their common ambition? Deliver the extraordinary nata experience. You'll find branches sprinkled across London from Hammersmith to Knightsbridge, each with different opening hours to suit the local crowd. Natas, coffees, and remarkable vibes are at your service almost round the clock. Visit, won't ya?

Vegan cake adorned with fresh raspberries from Organic Livity.

Organic Livity

Have you heard about Organic Livity? This place isn't your everyday bakery. They've been paving the way since 2013 in plant-based pâtisserie. They're building quite the reputation due to their fierce commitment to all things organic and gluten-free.

The founders truly believe in the power of natural, living foods. Their operation is an impressive standard to the organic, biodynamic farming method, remaining true to the soil itself. So, wherever you're digging into their menu, you're sure to find guiltless, sugar-free options.

Can't believe it's true? Check out their extensive list of tasty items. Clients rave about their innovative cake creations, vegan macarons, and unique culinary delights. Their pastry chef, Sidney Marton, crafts only with fresh biodynamic ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to spices. Their offerings are so intricate and unique they seem to be a marriage of science and art.

Even more, they've really made a name with their specialty items, like raw, sugar-free cakes and delectable entremets. And don't even get me started on their exotic macarons!

The cherry on top? They deliver all over London zones 1 to 3 for free, as long as the order is over £60. You can pre-order via email or directly from their site. Plus, don't worry about environmental impact, since they proudly use recyclable and compostable packaging. Their dedication carries all the way to their edible, seasonal flower decorations, which really are the icing on the cake.

Vegan chocolate brownies with hazelnut topping from Rubys of London.

Ruby’s Of London

While exploring London's vegan bakery scene, there's no missing Ruby’s Of London. Established as a 100% plant-based bakery, Ruby's knows the true art of baking without compromising on taste or texture. They offer a wide range of scrumptious vegan cakes, cupcakes, donuts and brownies. You'll also be glad to discover their selection of non-gluten choices.

Ruby’s serves a diverse clientele from hotels to independent cafes and larger scale outlets. Its commitment to quality ensures that every bite you take is full of flavor and free from animal products. The bakery features both collection and delivery options within central London, making it a convenient choice for every vegan sweet tooth.

Freshly baked sourdough loaves from Beaten by a Whisker bakery.

Beaten by a Whisker

Let's jaunt over to St James Street Station in Walthamstow now, where hidden away you'll find an artisan bakery, Beaten by a Whisker. Specializing in small batch, overnight-fermented sourdough bread, they've got this bread-making thing down.

On top of that, their menu is packed full of irresistible goodies, from buns, loaf cakes, to brownies, and cookies. You're bound to find something to tickle your tastebuds. And hey, not a sweet tooth? No worries! They roll out savoury snacks in the morning and freshly made sandwiches on sourdough focaccia bread from noon. To wash it all down, a good cup of joe is on the cards, with their coffee sourced from London roasters, Curious Roo, and served with plant-based milks.

What sets them apart though, is their team and philosophy. It's not just about baking; it's about building a community based around delicious, vegan, and environmentally friendly food. So pop down to Unit 3 Hops House, in Walthamstow, and partake in some artisan baking yourself.

Stacked red velvet vegan cookies from Floozie Cookie.

Moving across London, let's jump into the mouthwatering world of Floozie Cookies. Founded by Kimberly Lin, this bakery has carved out a niche for itself with vegan stuffed cookies. It's all about the simple joy that a well-crafted cookie can bring.

At Floozie, each cookie is lovingly handmade. That's dedication to quality and craftsmanship right there! Got a sweet tooth for Pecan Pie, Cinnamon Crunch, or Double Chocolate Chunk? They've got you covered and then some. They've even thrown in a gluten-free cookie jam-packed with peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam. Talk about delicious!

Meanwhile, their team dishes up these yummy-tasting cookies in Covent Garden and Harrods. Not just walk-ins though - Floozie Cookies also caters to special events and celebrations. Imagine munching on a PB&J or a triple chocolate cookie at a party. Heaven!

For Kimberly Lin, it's about creating a taste sensation with every bite by using the freshest ingredients. It's not just about delighting your taste buds, it's about the passion and fun that goes into making each cookie.

Moving on to the next vegan bakery we've got on our list...

123V Bakery

When you've got a craving for vegan sushi, 123V Bakery is the one to zip to. Cozied up in the BFI building, a stone's throw away from Tottenham Court Road, it offers a unique trip for your tastebuds. And hey, they're not shy about saying they've got the "best vegan sushi in the world."

123V Bakery is open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Start your day with a vegan coffee, twirl around their self-serve salad station, dip into their fresh focaccia, or bite into their renowned 123V Sushi. It's not just about cookies and cakes here!

Are you always running from one meeting to the next or just fancy a bite at the office? Then their local delivery service is a lifesaver. And all you need to do is give them a 24-hour heads up. That's true - your favorite vegan treats, from pastries to sushi, hand-delivered with a smile.

Started by Alexis Gauthier, the big brain behind Gauthier Soho, 123V Bakery is a love letter to vegan cuisine. It's all about crafting high-quality food that's as sustainable as it is delicious. It's where you'll find vegan food that's big on taste and variety. Because you know, who says vegan eating has to be boring?

Elegant tea set with vegan pastries at Cream Dream café.

Cream Dream

Cream Dream in London is like a sweet slice of vegan heaven right in the heart of the city. Owned by Yelyzaveta, a Ukrainian refugee who turned her dream into reality despite challenging circumstances, this bakery offers a range of delicious, all-vegan, and gluten-free treats. From éclairs and cakes to unique Ukrainian dishes, there's something for every palate. The mango-passionfruit éclair and chocolate travel cake come highly recommended, along with a special mention for their not overly sweet raspberry-marzipan tart. It's a great spot not just for its mouth-watering desserts but also for its commitment to creating a social community space for Ukrainians in London. The cafe's decor is a vibrant pink, creating a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. Beyond the treats, Cream Dream has a story of resilience and community, making every visit a bit more special​.