Vegan Friendly Resorts in Belize

January 3, 2024

vegan resorts belize

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the Caribbean Sea, with a day ahead filled with indulgent vegan cuisine and eco-conscious luxury. Belize might just be the paradise you're seeking, with resorts that cater specifically to the vegan lifestyle.

From solar-powered facilities to locally sourced materials, these resorts are not just about the food but also about sustainable living. They're perfect for the seasoned vegan or anyone looking to dip their toes into a more compassionate way of travel.

At the heart of it all, the Harbour View Boutique Hotel stands out as a gem. It's the island's exclusive haven for 100% vegan fare, complete with daily yoga classes and eco-friendly accommodations. Ready to explore the blend of relaxation and ethical living? Let's dive into the world of vegan resorts in Belize.

aerial photo of the coco plum island resort in belize

Coco Plum Island Resort

Imagine an intimate escape to a private island where the turquoise Caribbean eagerly waits to embrace your every step. Coco Plum Island Resort offers just that - an adults-only sanctuary that melds luxe living with ethical indulgence.

Dedicated to preserving the pristine nature of its environment, this resort embodies sustainability. It’s here that you'll experience the pinnacle of vegan hospitality. From farm-to-table dining concepts to linen and toiletries sourced from eco-conscious brands, each element at Coco Plum is thoughtfully selected to reduce environmental impact.

Accommodations are a blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Whether you're staying in an oceanfront cabana or an overwater villa, you’ll wake up to the rhythms of the sea and the soft glow of the dawn. Inside, you’ll find plush bedding and modern amenities, ensuring your stay is as relaxing as it is responsible.

Dining at Coco Plum is a culinary journey in itself. The chefs tailor menus that cater to a variety of dietary needs while showcasing the bounty of Belize. The resort’s commitment to veganism promises that each dish is not only sumptuous but also aligns with your dietary preferences.

Though you may be tempted to spend your days lounging on the white sand beaches, the resort also offers a host of eco-friendly activities. Snorkel in the awe-inspiring Belize Barrier Reef, kayak in the tranquil waters, or join a guided tour to understand more about the local ecosystem. The resort ensures all activities promote conservation and respect for wildlife.

While exploring the island, remember that at Coco Plum, sustainability isn't an afterthought; it’s a philosophy embedded in their operation. They pride themselves on maintaining a small carbon footprint, which aligns perfectly with your desire for a vacation that’s as environmentally conscious as it is enjoyable.

With each sunrise and each evening's pastel skies, you'll find that Coco Plum isn't just a resort; it's an experience that stays true to your ideals without compromising on luxury or adventure.

exterior photo of the hamanasi adventure and dive resort

Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

When it comes to experiencing Belize's rich biodiversity and clear blue waters, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort stands out as a stellar destination for vegans and eco-conscious travelers alike. Nestled between the lush Maya Mountains and the vibrant Caribbean Sea, Hamanasi pairs luxury with sustainability seamlessly.

Imagine waking up in a treehouse surrounded by pristine rainforest or staying closer to the sand in a beachfront room—both options are available at Hamanasi. You'll have the opportunity to dive into an underwater world of coral reefs—home to a spectacular array of sea life—as the resort is a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort. Non-divers aren't left out, with snorkeling and other water sports readily available.

Hamanasi's commitment to the environment is profound. Renewable energy sources power parts of the resort, and the establishment is involved in ongoing community projects that aim to protect the local ecosystem. Your stay directly supports these initiatives, aligning with your values as you indulge in the natural beauty of Belize.

Dining at Hamanasi is a culinary journey, with an array of vegan options that highlight local and organic produce. The chefs take pride in crafting meals that not only delight the taste buds but also respect your dietary choices. From fresh tropical fruits to creative plant-based interpretations of traditional Belizean cuisine, each meal is an experience in itself.

Don't miss exploring the ancient Mayan ruins or venturing into the depths of the rainforest on one of the many eco-tours offered. After a day of adventure, relax at the resort's full-service spa, where you can rejuvenate with treatments that utilize organic and vegan-friendly products.

With eco-adventures, sustainable practices, and sumptuous vegan dining, Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort is a sanctuary where luxury meets the ecological ethos, ensuring your vacation leaves a positive impact on the planet.

aerial photo of manta island resort in belize

Manta Island Resort

Nestled on a private atoll, Manta Island Resort offers a secluded paradise with exclusivity that caters to your vegan lifestyle. This hidden gem in Belize encompasses a pristine natural environment, marrying comfort with ecological consciousness. Here, tranquility and sustainability go hand-in-hand, ensuring your stay impacts the environment minimally.

You'll bask in the luxury of overwater bungalows or beachfront cabanas made from sustainable materials and designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding beauty. The resort's commitment to the planet is evident in its operations, from water conservation practices to the use of solar energy to power your retreat.

At Manta Island Resort, you're not just a guest—you're part of a community that values the plant-based philosophy. The kitchen produces indulgent vegan meals that emphasize fresh, local ingredients. Imagine savoring a dish where the organic produce was harvested just a stone's throw away from your table.

  • Ocean-to-table options
  • On-site organic garden produce
  • Seasonally inspired vegan menus

For those who seek adventure, the resort doesn't disappoint. Traverse the crystal-clear waters with eco-friendly tours. Snorkel or scuba dive to witness the vibrant underwater life of the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Embark on kayaking expeditions or paddleboard to explore at a leisurely pace; every activity resonates with the resort’s ethos of respect for nature.

To deepen your connection with the environment, the resort encourages participation in sustainability programs, such as coral reef restoration projects or beach cleanups. It's an opportunity to leave a positive footprint, well beyond your stay.

Manta Island Resort isn't just a getaway; it's an experience that nourishes the soul and the planet. With every step you take on this luxurious isle, you're walking the path of sustainable indulgence in a world that values your choices and mirrors your respect for life on Earth.

photo of the accommodation at the belizean dreams resort

Belizean Dreams Resort

Discover the Belizean Dreams Resort, nestled on the verdant coastline of Hopkins. This gem strikes a harmonious balance between luxurious comfort and ecological responsibility, ensuring that your stay is not just indulgent but also environmentally conscious.

As a vegan traveler, you'll appreciate Belizean Dreams Resort's dedication to sustainable living and plant-based cuisine. The chefs here are adept at creating a symphony of flavors using only the freshest local produce. Each dish is a testament to the versatility and richness of a vegan diet, bursting with nutrients and taste that cater to health-conscious individuals.

  • Indulge in the resort's vegan culinary creations
  • Engage in eco-friendly activities such as coral reef snorkeling
  • Relax in accommodations made with sustainable materials

With a strong emphasis on minimizing its carbon footprint, the resort features energy-efficient practices such as using solar power and implementing water conservation systems. Guests are encouraged to join in the preservation efforts through activities that educate and promote sustainability.

For a truly personal touch, the resort crafts experiences that align with the vegan philosophy. Imagine starting your day with an invigorating sunrise yoga session on the beach followed by a delectable vegan breakfast with ingredients sourced from the resort's own organic garden.

The Belizean Dreams Resort doesn't just offer an escape from the everyday – it provides immersive experiences that encourage a deeper connection with nature without compromising on luxury or comfort. Whether it's through the subtle elegance of the eco-friendly suites or the thoughtful inclusions that accentuate your vegan lifestyle, your time at Belizean Dreams is certain to be both captivating and conscientious.

You'll find the essence of Belize's beauty embodied in this oasis, where you're not just a guest but a steward of the environment. Embrace the tranquil pleasures of this resort that aligns so effortlessly with your values and lifestyle.

photo of the pool outside the laru beya resort and villas

Laru Beya Resort & Villas

While exploring the vegan-friendly resorts of Belize, Laru Beya Resort & Villas offers an experience that harmonizes indulgence with ecological responsibility. Nestled on the Placencia Peninsula, this hidden gem boasts oceanfront accommodations and a selection of luxury amenities tailored for the eco-conscious traveler.

From the moment you step into your suite, you're enveloped in luxury with a twist of sustainability. The rooms showcase locally crafted furnishings that reflect Belizean culture, while the resort practices water-saving initiatives and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products.

You have access to the resort's infinity pool and can indulge in spa services that feature vegan and cruelty-free products. The commitment to sustainable tourism doesn't end there. The resort also offers complimentary bicycles, encouraging guests to explore the stunning surroundings at a leisurely, eco-friendly pace.

Dining at Laru Beya is a pleasure for both taste buds and the planet. The restaurant's farm-to-table menu is bursting with fresh, local vegan options. Imagine savoring a meal of organic vegetables and locally sourced fruits while overlooking the serene Caribbean Sea—an experience that situates diners at the intersection of gastronomy and environmentalism.

  • Eco-friendly amenities include:
    • Water recycling systems
    • Solar power initiatives
    • Biodegradable toiletries

For adventure enthusiasts, the resort doesn't disappoint. You can embark on eco-tours such as snorkeling in the world's second-largest barrier reef or hiking through lush rainforests, all led by knowledgeable local guides with a passion for conservation.

Laru Beya not only offers a vegan-friendly menu but also a conscientious choice for travelers who prioritize sustainable luxury without compromising on comfort. Here, every aspect of your stay is infused with a commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the local community. This ethos aligns perfectly with the practices you value, ensuring that your vacation has a positive impact on the destination you've come to adore.

photo of the accommodation at the shaka caye island resort

Shaka Caye Island Resort

Nestled in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Shaka Caye Island Resort emerges as a sanctuary for vegan travelers. Adorning Belize's exotic coastline, this eco-conscious haven offers an escape where your lifestyle choices are not only respected but celebrated. Imagine starting your day with a sunrise yoga session on a pristine beach as the horizon blushes with the first light.

Shaka Caye's commitment to sustainability is evident in its architecture, featuring overwater bungalows constructed from ethically sourced materials. Each bungalow boasts a private deck, where you can savor panoramic sea views that merge seamlessly with the sky, all while lounging in the comfort of environmentally friendly furnishings.

When it comes to dining, the resort's vegan ethos takes center stage. The on-site restaurant serves plant-based cuisine crafted from locally grown produce, ensuring that every meal is a fresh and authentic taste of Belizean culture. Here, the menu is a mosaic of exotic flavors designed to tantalize your taste buds:

  • Seasonal tropical fruits
  • Organic vegetables
  • Whole grains

In addition to indulging in nourishing, flavorful meals, you'll find a wide array of activities that align with your eco-friendly values. Shaka Caye offers guided snorkeling tours in the vibrant coral reefs and kayaking expeditions along the mangrove-lined coast. You're not just a guest; you're a part of a community focused on preserving the awe-inspiring beauty of Belize's marine ecosystems.

The Shaka Caye Island Resort isn't just a vacation spot; it's a lifestyle experience. You'll leave feeling rejuvenated, with the knowledge that your stay actively contributed to environmental preservation and the support of the local community. Dive into an immersive experience where luxury meets eco-consciousness, all catered specifically for those who choose to live compassionately.

photo of the accommodation at beaches and dreams in belize

Beaches and Dreams

When you're in Belize, a spectacular stay at Beaches and Dreams puts you right in the heart of a vegan-friendly paradise. Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves kissing the shoreline, with the sweet scent of tropical flora carried by the sea breeze into your chic, eco-conscious cabana.

At Beaches and Dreams, the commitment to a sustainable and luxurious experience is unwavering. The resort's innovative design incorporates recycled materials and traditional Belizean techniques, ensuring the structures blend seamlessly with the environment. The property doesn't just host you; it immerses you in the local charm and natural splendor unique to this Central American haven.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Beyond aesthetic appeal, the resort champions eco-friendly practices. The usage of non-toxic cleaning agents, water conservation systems, and renewable energy sources minimizes your carbon footprint during your stay.
  • Vegan Gastronomy: Dining here is a celebration of veganism. Beaches and Dreams doesn't just serve meals; it crafts plant-based culinary adventures featuring organic, local produce that tantalizes your taste buds while respecting animal life and the environment.
  • Leisure and Wellness: Leisure options abound with activities such as snorkeling in pristine waters, hiking through lush jungle trails, or simply relaxing under the sun on a powdery beach. For a touch of wellness, the resort offers yoga sessions that align the body and spirit amidst the tranquility of nature.

As one explores the grounds, interaction with the local wildlife reminds you of the delicate balance between human hospitality and natural ecosystems. The on-site initiatives to protect and educate about these ecosystems ensure that your luxurious getaway also contributes positively to the community and its biodiversity.

Your stay at Beaches and Dreams isn't just about the indulgence of senses; it's a journey into a lifestyle that advocates for wellness, sustainability, and an unwavering respect for the vegan ethos. Here, every moment is an opportunity to revel in a lifestyle that's both sumptuous and sentient.


Embrace the beauty and serenity of Belize at a vegan resort that aligns with your ethical lifestyle. You'll indulge in the ultimate eco-conscious escape, where luxury meets sustainability. Dive into an array of activities, from snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to rejuvenating yoga sessions, all while savoring farm-fresh vegan cuisine. Each resort offers a unique experience, but they all share a commitment to preserving Belize's natural charm. Whether you're seeking adventure or tranquility, you'll find a haven that not only caters to your vegan preferences but also respects the planet. It's time to pack your bags for a guilt-free getaway where you can relax, recharge, and revel in the vegan-friendly luxury that awaits you in Belize.