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October 25, 2023

vegan hotel london

Welcome to the bustling, vibrant heart of London. Here, centuries-old history stands side by side with cutting-edge innovation, creating a city that's as diverse as it is dynamic. In recent years, London has emerged as a global leader in the vegan movement, offering an impressive array of plant-based dining options that cater to locals and tourists alike. But the city's commitment to veganism extends beyond its vegan restaurants and cafes. From the east end to the west end, you'll find a growing number of hotels that not only accommodate vegan guests but celebrate them.

In this article, we'll take you on a tour of London's best vegan and vegan-friendly hotels, where sustainability meets luxury, and every guest enjoys a guilt-free stay. Whether you're a seasoned vegan traveler or just curious about plant-based living, these establishments are sure to impress and inspire.

The Hilton London Bankside Vegan Suite

The Hilton London Bankside Vegan Suite

The Hilton London Bankside Vegan Hotel Suite is a unique and innovative accommodation option that has been gaining popularity in the hospitality industry. This suite is the first of its kind globally, and Hilton London Bankside created it in collaboration with design studio Bompas & Parr and The Vegan Society. The concept was brought to life with meticulous attention to detail, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for guests.

The suite offers guests a fully vegan experience in every aspect, including food, furniture, flooring, bedding, and vegan toiletries, all of which are plant-based and cruelty-free. This represents a significant stride in the direction of sustainable and ethical tourism, providing guests with a luxurious vegan experience in one of Hilton's suites.

The Vegan Suite at Hilton London Bankside provides an exceptional luxury hotel experience for environmentally conscious travelers. The suite consists of a comfortable living area, a very spacious bedroom, and two bathrooms, all decorated with a botanical theme. All materials used in the suite are plant-based, making it not only suitable for vegans but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The suite was created by Bompas & Parr, a distinguished design studio famous for its inventive and creative approach to design. Their goal was to demonstrate that veganism is not limited to food but can also expand to all aspects of lifestyle, including travel and lodging.

Hilton London Bankside's Vegan Suite is a unique offering that sets it apart from other hotels. The suite not only caters to vegan guests but also provides a full vegan menu, which enhances the overall vegan experience. This comprehensive vegan offering is a unique selling point for the property.

The vegan suite at London Hilton Bankside costs approximately 15% more than a regular suite. Still, it offers great value and a distinctive experience for those who prefer to stay in a space that reflects their values and way of life.

Selina Camden

Selina Camden

Selina Camden is a distinctive and affordable accommodation option situated in the lively neighborhood of Camden in North London. This hotel is part of the Selina brand, known for providing stylish yet budget-friendly accommodations for travelers, especially digital nomads.

If you're looking for a place to stay that's in the heart of Camden, Selina Camden is the perfect choice. It's located right across from Chalk Farm Underground Station and only a two-minute walk from The Roundhouse, a popular music venue. Camden is famous for its music scene, vibrant markets, and diverse food options, making it an excellent destination for tourists who want to experience a different side of London.

The hotel has a number of on-site facilities that are aimed at making the stay of its guests more comfortable and enjoyable. One of these features includes a fully-equipped communal kitchen, which provides the guests with the option to prepare their own meals if they desire. Moreover, the hotel also offers a beautiful loft that comes with a stunning balcony, which is an ideal spot for the guests to relax and unwind.

One of the standout features of Selina Camden is its trendy vegan/vegetarian eatery, which aligns with the growing trend for sustainable and plant-based living, providing guests with convenient access to delicious and healthy food options.

In terms of accommodation, Selina Camden offers various options to fit different needs and budgets. Despite being a budget hotel, the rooms at Selina Camden are thoughtfully designed with consideration given to both style and comfort.

The Selina brand's flagship hotel in the UK draws inspiration from Camden's rich musical history. The hotel offers a unique combination of style, comfort, and local culture that reflects the vibrant and creative spirit of the area. The decor of the hotel is a reflection of Camden's lively atmosphere, providing guests with a truly one-of-a-kind accommodation experience.

If you're looking for a comfortable, stylish, and conveniently located accommodation experience, Selina Camden can provide just that. Be it a digital nomad in need of a work-friendly environment, a tourist who wishes to explore the local area, or a food enthusiast seeking plant-based dining options, Selina Camden has everything covered.

Inhabit Queen's Gardens

Inhabit Queen's Gardens

Inhabit Queen's Gardens is an exceptional hotel located in central London, that provides a distinctive emphasis on wellness, sustainability, and plant-based cuisine. This innovative hotel is the second property from Inhabit Hotels, a brand well-known for its dedication to creating spaces that encourage well-being and conscious living.

Inhabit Queen's Gardens has an exceptional feature, which is its meat-free restaurant, The Kitchen. The menu at The Kitchen is carefully designed by the experts at Yeotown, a well-known health retreat, keeping in mind that the food should be not just scrumptious but also wholesome and ethically sourced. The restaurant offers a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan options that are dairy-free and free from refined sugars. Also, most of the dishes are gluten-free. Some of the popular dishes during the daytime are "blue spirulina pancakes" and a plant-based version of "Eggs Benedict".

The hotel’s commitment to a plant-based lifestyle goes beyond its restaurant, with a bar that serves a variety of vegan-friendly drinks such as vegan sparkling wine and kombucha. This dedication to sustainability and wellness makes Inhabit Queen's Gardens an excellent option for guests who value an eco-friendly and health-conscious hotel experience.

Inhabit Queen's Gardens not only offers plant-based food and drink options but also provides a range of wellness-focused amenities. The hotel has a state-of-the-art wellness center situated in its subterranean area, which is the first of its kind in a London hotel. The facility offers GAIA treatments that, along with the hotel's emphasis on yoga and meditation, provide guests with a comprehensive wellness experience throughout their stay.

Inhabit Queen's Gardens offers a wide range of accommodation options that are designed to provide comfort and tranquility to guests. The rooms are described as airy and comfortable, catering to various needs, and include double and twin rooms, triple rooms, and suites.

Despite prioritizing wellness and sustainability, Inhabit Queen's Gardens is conveniently located in Paddington, providing easy access to top London attractions. It's the perfect base for city adventures.

Inhabit Queen's Gardens is a prime example of the increasing demand for sustainable and wellness-oriented travel. With its vegan-friendly restaurant, a diverse range of wellness amenities, and modern yet comfortable accommodations, this hotel offers a distinctive and mindful experience for contemporary travelers.

Temple Lodge Club

Temple Lodge Club

Temple Lodge Club is a serene guesthouse situated in Hammersmith, West London, well-known for its peaceful atmosphere and convenient location close to transportation links like the Hammersmith Underground. This bed and breakfast offers much more than just lodging; it provides its guests with a unique experience that prioritizes their comfort and wellness.

Temple Lodge Club offers a unique feature of buffet-style breakfast, which is included with all bookings. Although the exact details of the menu are not specified, B&Bs usually provide a variety of options to cater to different dietary requirements, including vegan breakfast preferences.

The guesthouse has a variety of rooms, ranging from single rooms to luxury garden studios. Single rooms provide a comfortable stay for solo travelers and are known for their unique charm. Luxury garden studios are a recent addition to the guesthouse's offerings and are described as elegant and unique, with a serene view of the garden and an immersive nature experience.

The Temple Lodge Club is conveniently located on the riverwalk in the Hammersmith and Fulham area. This location is well-connected to a rail/subway station, making traveling to other parts of London easy. Moreover, guests can indulge in the natural beauty of the surroundings, which provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

Guest reviews highlight spacious, traditionally furnished rooms and friendly staff. Top-class urban B&B offers excellent value for breakfast.

Temple Lodge Club is located in Hammersmith, which is just within 3 km (2 miles) of some of the most notable attractions in London, including Eventim Apollo, Kensington High Street, and Westfield London Shopping Centre. This makes it a perfect base for guests who wish to explore these popular spots in the city.

Kew Gardens B&B

Kew Gardens B&B is a delightful bed and breakfast situated in the Richmond area of Greater London, renowned for its distinctiveness and tailored service. It is located on the top two floors of a distinctive Victorian house, offering a serene getaway on a tranquil street.

Kew Gardens B&B is known for its prime location near popular attractions such as the Kew Botanic Gardens and The National Archives, which are both just a 10-minute walk away. The B&B is also conveniently situated close to major transportation links, including the Kew Gardens Tube Station and the Kew Gardens Station Parade bus stop, providing guests with easy access to other parts of London.

The bed and breakfast establishment provides a variety of rooms that cater to different accommodation needs. Although no specific information about the rooms is given, they are expected to be adorned in a manner that exemplifies the Victorian elegance of the structure. It is also possible that some rooms offer a vista of the nearby vicinity.

Although there is no explicit mention of vegan-friendly options at Kew Gardens B&B, it is worth noting that most bed and breakfast establishments cater to different dietary preferences, including veganism. Guests can expect to have access to a range of plant-based options during breakfast, and possibly other meals if they are served.

In addition to offering accommodations and dining, Kew Gardens B&B provides amenities such as free WiFi, parking, and a luggage room. Some sources mention an on-site restaurant.

Guest reviews of Kew Gardens B&B highlight its tranquil location, friendly service, and comfortable rooms. It is considered one of the best B&Bs in the Kew area of Richmond, offering great value for money.

The Bankside Hotel - Autograph Collection

The Bankside Hotel - Autograph Collection

The Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection, is a lively and distinct hotel situated on the culturally diverse South Bank of London. As a member of Marriott's prestigious Autograph Collection, this independent hotel offers the best of both worlds - the advantages of a global brand and the personal touch of a boutique hotel, providing an extraordinary experience for guests.

The Bankside Hotel is known for its exceptional service in catering to diverse dietary needs, especially for vegans. Their on-site restaurant, Art Yard, offers a variety of plant-based options that go beyond the usual. Guests can indulge in a full vegan English breakfast, which includes veggie sausage, potatoes, baked beans, grilled mushrooms, tomato, avocado, and scrambled tofu. For those who prefer a lighter start to the day, Art Yard also serves house-made granola with fresh fruit compote and healthful overnight oats.

In addition to its impressive culinary offerings, the hotel offers a fitness center and an outdoor terrace for relaxation and socializing.

The Bankside Hotel's rooms prioritize modern comfort and style, with amenities including free Wi-Fi and 24/7 room service to cater to guests' needs.

The hotel's excellent location is within walking distance of popular attractions like the London Eye and London Bridge, as well as the thriving arts scene and historical landmarks of Blackfriars and Southwark.

Guests often mention the helpfulness of the staff, the stylish design of the rooms, and the fantastic location in their reviews. The Bankside Hotel, Autograph Collection is a great choice for travelers, especially those who follow a vegan lifestyle, visiting London. The hotel's unique combination of luxury, culture, and convenience, along with its exceptional vegan-friendly options, make it a top pick.

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