Vegan Restaurants in Lanzarote

August 8, 2023

vegan restaurants in lanzarote

If you're a vegan planning a trip to the beautiful island of Lanzarote, or perhaps already there and on the hunt for plant-based dining options, you've come to the right place. We understand that traveling as a vegan can sometimes be challenging, but fear not! Lanzarote is home to various restaurants catering to the vegan lifestyle with creativity and flair. We've done the legwork and sampled the local fare to bring you this guide to the best vegan restaurants in Lanzarote. From seaside cafes serving up locally made tofu to spots offering veganized versions of traditional Spanish tapas, prepare to have your culinary horizons expanded and your taste buds delighted.

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100% Vegan Restaurants in Lanzarote

restaurante the v factor in lanzarote

Restaurante The V Factor

Stepping into Restaurante The V Factor in Lanzarote, you're greeted with a quirky ambiance and an impressive vegan menu. The variety is commendable, from hand-cooked seitan dishes and fast food options like burgers and hot dogs to salads and pancakes. Each dish's freshness and careful preparation shine through, making every meal a delight. However, be prepared for a cash-only policy and consider booking in advance due to its popularity. With its fantastic food, cozy environment, and friendly owners, this restaurant is a must-visit for any veggie or vegan visiting the island.

Address: C. la Porra, 52, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 828 04 05 03

Price: $

bistro arbol

Bistro Árbol

Bistro Arbor in Lanzarote is a cozy vegan restaurant offering homemade dishes and desserts with plenty of gluten-free options. Their menu caters to various dietary restrictions and emphasizes locally sourced ingredients. Alongside a wide selection of local wines and craft beers, the restaurant creates a unique atmosphere with music from a diverse collection of vinyl records. Patrons can even donate to a local animal shelter to have their chosen album played from their extensive vinyl collection.

Address: CC Playa Blanca, C. Timanfaya, 2, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 51 03 03

Menu: English & Spanish

Price: $$

esquina teguise

Esquina Teguise

Esquina Teguise offers a charming ambiance with indoor and outdoor seating. The limited menu features fresh, flavorful vegan dishes like avocado toast, carrot cake, and vegetable-based meat dishes. The portions are generous, and the prices reasonable. Highlights include their nachos, fruit toast, and an array of coffees and smoothies. The friendly staff and cozy location on a cobbled street enhance the dining experience.

Address: C. León y Castillo, 10, 35530 Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 722 41 54 61

Price: $$

Vegetarian Restaurants in Lanzarote

vegan moussaka at the blooming cactus restaurant in lanzarote

Blooming Cactus

Blooming Cactus is a quaint and cozy vegetarian restaurant in Lanzarote with a welcoming ambiance. The menu offers a range of snacks, cakes, tapas, and dinner options, including wheat-free choices. Standout dishes include the flavor-packed satay vegetable curry, chili sin carne, veggie burger, and rich vegan chocolate cake. The food is clearly labeled as vegan or gluten-free when needed. The staff, especially the host Tracey, is friendly, adding to the overall pleasant dining experience.

Address: C. Teide, 35, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 658 47 49 93

Menu: English

Price: $$

creme cafe

Creme Cafe

Creme Cafe in Lanzarote is a charming vegetarian breakfast spot offering a daily vegan brunch menu from 10 am to 1.30 pm. The menu features a variety of dishes, including vegan egg on toast, burgers, wraps, and vegetarian and vegan options for waffles and pancakes.

Staff are friendly and helpful in guiding customers through vegan choices. Choosing what to order can be challenging with many delicious options, like the standout vegan waffles and tasty vegan egg dishes. All dishes are beautifully presented, and the cafe also offers a selection of vegan cakes and toppings. Most of the menu is vegan, making Creme Cafe a must-visit for excellent food and service.

Address: C. las Olas, 2B, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 59 22 64

Menu: English | Spanish

Price: $$

Restaurants with Vegan Options in Lanzarote

el sabarita

El Sibarita

El Sibarita is a surf bar and restaurant with an extensive range of vegan options. Despite serving meat, plenty of plant-based dishes like soy products, vegan burgers, tofu curries, falafels, sandwiches, and Asian-style meals exist. The beer range includes gluten-free options. Choosing from the menu can be a challenge with the variety, but the Migoreng with Tofu and lentil burger come highly recommended. The vegan menu is comprehensive, the portions are generous, and the prices are fair. Dining on the terrace is a real treat, especially when trying the quinoa croquettes and vegan meatballs. El Sibarita offers a substantial vegan-friendly menu, making it a must-visit in Lanzarote.

Address: C. Miñoca, 1, 35558 Caleta de Famara, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 722 39 87 78

Price: $

puerta verde

Puerta Verde

Puerta Verde offers a variety of dishes, from starters to desserts. It is located in a quiet part of town with convenient parking and provides indoor and outdoor seating. The friendly staff enhance the overall dining experience. Highly recommended dishes include the flavourful vegetable stir fry and the hearty lentil stew. The Canarian potatoes are also packed with taste.

Address: C. Fajardo, 24, 35520 Haría, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 83 53 50

Price: $$

capri restaurant in lanzarote


Capri in Lanzarote offers a diverse range of clearly marked vegan options, including tofu and seitan dishes. The restaurant's separate vegan/vegetarian menu makes ordering easy, with the ratatouille being particularly tasty. The vegan lasagne with tofu bechamel is a must-try, as well as their vegan pizza, which they can convert into a calzone upon request.

Address: Av. de las Playas, 39, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 51 07 25

Menu: English & Spanish

Price: $$

surf corner veggie tapas cafe

Surf Corner Veggie Tapas Cafe

Surf Corner Veggie Tapas Cafe in Lanzarote offers a satisfying range of vegan options. They have a separate vegetarian menu, with all sandwiches and burgers being able to be made vegan. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about making menu items vegan. The location near the sea provides a peaceful dining experience. The Mexican and Asian wraps are also tasty highlights. Overall, it's a great spot for diversified vegan-friendly meals.

Address: Playa las Cucharas, Local 7, 35508, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 928 59 25 15

Price: $

Vegan Bakeries in Lanzarote

pasteleria dulce natural

Pasteleria Dulce Natural

Dulce Natural is the first vegan bakery in Lanzarote, offering a variety of organic, preservative-free sweets, cakes, and desserts, including a large selection of sugar-free options. The tiramisu, bounty bars, muffins, brownies, and homemade Nutella-style spread are all delicious finds. They also offer a unique vegan cashew-based cheese. The welcoming owner infuses love and passion into her work, evident in the delightful flavors.

Address: C. Góngora, 5, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas, Spain

Phone: +34 643 51 82 65

Price: $$ - $$$