Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

December 19, 2023

vegan restaurants in seattle

Exploring Seattle's dining scene reveals a plant-based revolution that's impossible to ignore. Whether you're a full-fledged vegan or simply veg-curious, the Emerald City's vegan restaurants are creating a buzz, drawing in foodies of all stripes.

You'll discover that Seattle's vegan eateries are redefining dining with innovative plant-based menus that even the most devout carnivores can't help but love. Get ready to experience the top vegan spots that are must-visits in this culinary haven.

We're diving into the vibrant world of vegan dining in Seattle, where the options are as plentiful as they are delicious. From the legendary Wayward Vegan to the innovative Sushi Samurai, these establishments are making waves, and we're here to give you the scoop. Keep reading to discover which restaurants are transforming Seattle into a vegan paradise.

Veggie Grill

Imagine a place where your love for veggies is understood and celebrated. Veggie Grill reimagines the way Seattleites experience plant-based dining. It's where health-conscious food meets indulgent flavors. Whether you're strictly plant-based or a flexitarian, Veggie Grill's diverse menu caters to your cravings without compromising on taste.

From hearty bowls packed with proteins to crisp salads bursting with freshness, each dish is a testament to the culinary revolution taking root in the Emerald City. Their innovative approach to vegan cuisine means that you're in for a treat, regardless of whether you opt for a familiar comfort dish or step outside your comfort zone with a new plant-based creation.

Navigating menus can be tricky for vegans, but Veggie Grill has simplified the process. They've crafted an all-star lineup of dishes that promises to deliver satisfaction with every bite. As you explore the nuances of vegan eating, Veggie Grill stands as a beacon for those seeking both simplicity and variety in their dietary choices.

Plum Bistro

Plum Bistro stands out as the pinnacle of vegan dining in Seattle's Capitol Hill. Makini Howell, the chef behind this stylish establishment, earned national recognition for revolutionizing plant-based cuisine. At Plum Bistro, you'll find a menu teeming with innovative vegan comfort food that's both satisfying and sizeable.

The restaurant's most raved-about dish is the Mac & Yease, a cheesy, creamy concoction that's become a city-wide favorite. For a twist on a classic, try the Vegan Reuben with Tofu strami—a personal favorite and a testament to the culinary creativity on offer.

Embracing eco-conscious dining, Plum Bistro features a five-course fixed menu for dinner, crafted to minimize waste by focusing on local farm produce. Guests rave about the unique pairings, from beet poke with seaweed to the sublime carrot cake adorned with huckleberry frosting.

During lunch, the offerings shift towards simpler, yet equally outstanding dishes. And if the entrées weren't enticing enough, Plum Bistro also offers crafted cocktails to complement your meal. Located at 1429 12th Ave, a visit to this iconic, black-owned establishment promises an exceptional vegan experience.

The Sushi Samurai

When you're in the mood for sushi but want to keep it green, The Sushi Samurai in Queen Anne is your ultimate destination. What's noteworthy is their recent revolutionary shift to a completely plant-based menu. Maintaining the delicate balance of traditional sushi flavors without fish, they demonstrate a commitment to innovation in the vegan culinary arts.

Nestled at 1817 Queen Anne Ave N, The Sushi Samurai stands out with its unique offerings. Each roll is crafted to perfection, ensuring that the taste and texture meet the high expectations of sushi lovers, while adhering to vegan standards. You'll find that the vegan nigiri, maki, and other sushi classics are as delectable as their traditional counterparts.

As Seattle's plant-based dining scene flourishes, restaurants like The Sushi Samurai are pivotal in showcasing how versatile and satisfying vegan cuisine can be. Whether you're a lifetime vegan or just exploring meatless options, this restaurant promises an experience that can delight palates of all preferences.

ChuMinh Tofu and Veggie Deli

Stepping into ChuMinh Tofu and Veggie Deli, you're greeted by the vibrant scents of Southeast Asian comfort food. The Pan-Asian deli buffet operates in a laid-back atmosphere, emphasizing the simplicity of good, plant-based cuisine.

Serving up an impressive a la carte menu, this local hotspot in the International District is a treasure trove for vegetarians and vegans alike. From stir-fries to stews and noodles, the flavors are authentically curated to represent the vast culinary landscape of Southeast Asia. Frequented by those seeking hearty portions at affordable prices, ChuMinh Tofu is poised for repeated visits.

The all-you-can-eat buffet offers a daily rotation of options, where you can indulge in a plethora of healthy, plant-based items without breaking the bank. Bargain pricing gives you a chance to savor various dishes by the pound, whether you're swinging by for a quick lunch or planning a laid-back dinner.

Don't forget to taste test their famed vegetarian combo, a sampler of traditional dishes that include lentil wot and collard greens, all to be enjoyed with the customary injera bread. It's an experience that doesn't just satisfy hunger but also offers an authentic lesson in Ethiopian culture.

Georgetown Liquor Company

Georgetown Liquor Company stands as a testament to the evolving vegan scene in Seattle. It's a vegan bar and pub with a punk-rock edge, reflecting the historical district it calls home. When you step inside, you're not just walking into any bar; you're entering a space where the community and inclusive values are as important as the food and drinks served.

In the heart of Georgetown, you'll find a place where all faux meats and cheeses are crafted in-house daily. Scratch-made vegan pub fare takes center stage, with offerings like burgers, deli sandwiches, nachos, and salads. These aren't just any plant-based alternatives; they're carefully constructed to deliver the ultimate vegan comfort food experience.

Pair your meal with signature cocktails, each with a unique twist. 'The Cure' for instance, combines cucumber and mint-infused gin with muddled lemon and prosecco, leaving your taste buds refreshed. The drinks menu is creative, echoing the establishment's commitment to a vibrant vegan lifestyle.

Rojos Mexican Food

If you're in the mood for Mexican flavors without the meat, Rojos Mexican Food is your go-to. Imagine savoring the rich, bold tastes of Mexican cuisine while committing to a plant-based lifestyle. That's what Rojos offers, with a menu that's both diverse and completely vegan.

For lunch, why not grab an a la carte option? You'll find a selection of favorites that are guaranteed to please. Their five-course dinner menus bring luxury to the vegan table, available both in-house and to-go for one convenient flat rate.

Rojos isn't just a haven for vegan fare but also a lively spot to enjoy innovative craft cocktails. Their bar menu boasts a variety of drinks, but it’s the frosty margaritas that truly shine, perfect for pairing with your meal or enjoying with friends.

The restaurant welcomes walk-ins, so spontaneity is rewarded here. Even if the reservations are full, there's still a chance to get a table and dive into their fresh, seasonal ingredients, from handmade tortillas to slow-smoked flavors, all without any animal products.

Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Nestled in Seattle's bustling University District, Pi Vegan Pizzeria stands as a beacon for pizza aficionados seeking a plant-based slice. This spot doesn't just serve pizza; it redefines it through a vegan lens. With a modest modern space, Pi Vegan Pizzeria is all about the essence of comfort food meeting artistic creation.

Here's the scoop: even the most devoted meat and dairy lovers become instant fans. Picture biting into a slice of pizza that masterfully blends artisan vegan cheeses and plant-based meats, delivering an experience that can only be described as borderline decadent. Pi's specialty pies aren't shy about mixing comfort foods, think Mac n' Cheese pizza or Thai Chicken topped delights.

Pi Vegan Pizzeria isn't here to just fill your stomach—it's here to make a statement. It's clear why one would include Pi in any list of best vegan restaurants in Seattle. Without a doubt, the next time you're in the area, you've got to check out what could very well be America's Oldest Vegan Pizzeria.

Harvest Beat

Exploring Seattle's vegan restaurant scene, you'll find an exquisite gem like Harvest Beat. For approximately $65 per person, indulge in a completely vegan 5-course meal that's both innovative and satiating. This restaurant takes plant-based dining to the next level by transforming simple ingredients into complex, memorable dishes.

Imagine savoring a meringue made out of chickpeas – a culinary marvel that showcases the technical prowess of Harvest Beat’s chefs. It's dishes like these that firmly place Harvest Beat among the best in North Seattle.

Ideal for a special night out, Harvest Beat offers an intimate ambiance with just one seating each night at 7 PM and at 6:30 PM on Sundays. The experience begins uniquely with a gong and an inspiring speech from the chef, expressing gratitude to the farmers and introducing the evening's menu.

As rare as it is to find a multi-course vegan or vegetarian restaurant on Seattle's best fine dining lists, Harvest Beat's origin story is equally intriguing. The owners, Jan and Aaron Geibel, are not novices to upscale vegan cuisine, having previously run Sutra, a vegetarian haven. While their former co-owners moved on to different ventures, the Geibel’s passion for vegan fine dining culminated in the creation of Harvest Beat.

Cycle Dogs

Embark on a culinary adventure at Cycle Dogs, where the humble hot dog is reimagined through a plant-based lens. Stationed at Peddler Brewing Company in Ballard, this food truck turned full-blown restaurant has earned its stripes as a top vegan destination. Wednesdays through Fridays, locals and visitors alike sample the texture-rich dogs crafted by Field Roast, a local artisan favorite.

The Seattle Dog, smeared with cream cheese and heaped with grilled sweet onions, is a twist on a classic, satisfying even the most traditional hot dog aficionados. For the bold, the Elote Dog comes loaded with buttery street corn, mayo, cayenne, green onions, and a wedge of lime, delivering a mouthful of flavors that'll linger long after the last bite.

With its laid-back vibe, community games, and a street-inspired, flavorful menu, Cycle Dogs isn't just about food—it's about the experience. Whether you're going for the familiar or the exploratory, this vegan haven brings people together over a love for inventive, conscious eating.

The Wayward Vegan

As your journey through Seattle's plant-based dining continues, Wayward Vegan Cafe stands out as a beacon of vegan comfort. This family-owned diner has secured its reputation by serving up American diner favorites—all with a vegan twist. Imagine walking into a space that feels like a step back in time to a classic American diner, yet the menu ahead of you boasts innovative vegan alternatives.

Touted as one of the city's top vegan eateries, Wayward doesn't just do comfort food; they've mastered it. With a versatility that accommodates the early birds and night owls alike, the all-day breakfast ensures no one misses out on their legendary dishes. Indulge in their homemade cinnamon rolls that rival any traditional bakery's best.

Don't forget to try the Griddle Combo, a hearty plate featuring french toast, a tofu scramble perfected with their signature seasoning, sausage links, and tempeh bacon. It's the fusion of familiar textures and flavors with plant-based ingredients that captures the essence of what Wayward offers—a nostalgic diner experience, without compromise.

Located at 801 NE 65th St Suite C, the cafe's doors are open at times that suit any schedule. If you're planning a leisurely weekend brunch, make sure to visit between 9 AM and 3 PM on Saturday or Sunday. For those impromptu cravings, their flexible hours during the weekdays make it easy to duck in for a delightful vegan feast.

Araya's Place

When it comes to Thai cuisine with a plant-based twist, Araya's Place is a gem nestled in Seattle's vibrant dining landscape. For over 35 years, this family-run establishment has been whipping up authentic Thai dishes. Drawing from the recipes Araya used for family dinners, they ensure tradition meets contemporary vegan lifestyles.

Kati Vegan Thai

When you're craving a fusion of traditional and modern Thai cuisine, Kati Vegan Thai stands out with its innovative menu. Nestled in South Lake Union, this establishment isn't just about the food, it's a visual and sensory experience. The décor blends industrial chic with warmth, featuring washed concrete floors, wooden walls, and elegant light fixtures that set a relaxed dining atmosphere.

Kati's menu pays tribute to the owner's mother, with dishes that reflect the authenticity of home-cooked Thai meals. The aircured young jackfruit with garlic marinade offers a novel twist, served over coconut sticky rice. But it's the Pad Thai, made from scratch using a treasured family recipe, that takes center stage as the staple offering.

Here are some key highlights from Kati Vegan Thai's offering:

  • Air-cured Jackfruit: A standout appetizer that combines the texture of jackfruit with a rich garlic marinade.
  • Homemade Pad Thai: A traditional dish that honors the owners' family heritage with entirely vegan ingredients.

At 1429 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, you'll find Kati Vegan Thai's vibrant blend of flavors to be a match for any palate. Whether you identify as vegan or omnivore, you’ll likely be impressed by the creativity and passion that Kati brings to Seattle's plant-based dining scene.


Exploring Seattle's vegan dining scene is an adventure for your taste buds, and Kati Vegan Thai is just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you're a full-fledged vegan or simply curious about plant-based cuisine, the city's offerings are sure to impress. With each restaurant bringing its own unique flair and commitment to delicious, cruelty-free food, you're never short of options. So next time you're in Seattle, dive into the vibrant world of vegan eats and treat yourself to an experience that's as kind to your palate as it is to the planet.