The Best 100% Vegan Restaurants in London

March 14, 2024

Ever found yourself scrolling through pictures of mouth-watering vegan dishes from London? You're not alone. The city's innovative plant-based cuisine has been turning heads and tantalizing taste buds across the globe. From traditional British pubs serving up vegan fare, to fancy restaurants that have mastered the art of plant-based cooking, London's vegan scene is nothing short of spectacular.

London isn't just the UK's vegan hotspot, it's been crowned the most vegan-friendly city in the world for two years running! Whether you're a seasoned vegan, or just curious about plant-based options, there's a smorgasbord of choices waiting for you. So, next time you're in town, why not embark on a culinary adventure and explore the top vegan restaurants London has to offer?

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A hand-held vegan pita filled with falafel and fresh veggies, reflecting the street food style of Pockets.


Jump into the massive flavors of falafel-stuffed pitta breads at Pockets. What started as a humble street stall has morphed into a permanent establishment. It's all thanks to the infallible charm of their crispy fried potatoes, fresh houmous, and tangy pickled mango sauce. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in one of those notoriously long queues.

Their simple yet mastered menu is a magnet for plant-based food lovers. In fact, their reputation for doing falafel better than anyone in London precedes them. So for your next meal, why not grab one of those plant-based pittas and experience the hype first-hand? Let the burst of flavors transform your ordinary meal into an extraordinary culinary adventure. This isn't your average vegan grub, it's edible artistry.

A loaded vegan kebab with fries and sauce, exemplifying the fusion of flavors offered at What The Pitta.

What The Pitta

Next stop on our plant-based adventure: "What The Pitta". This Turkish-inspired joint, found in drizzly Camden, gives our late-night snack a major makeover. Gone are the days of mystery meat in your doner kebab. At "What The Pitta", they've swapped out lamb for soya chunks marinated in secret spices. Beautifully spicy, they rock your taste buds and your conscience. They're served up in flatbread with a dazzling array of vegan accoutrements: salad, soya yogurt, tzatziki, and houmous.

Portions are huge, but don't worry about leftovers. Wrap them up and save them for tomorrow's lunch! But while you're there, don't skip dessert! The vegan baklava might be your new sweet obsession.

For a late-night bite, or a midday lunch, "What The Pitta" is fully stocked with spicy soya deliciousness. Perfect for those looking for great vegan cuisine, served up with a twist.

Address: Various locations in London, specific addresses can be found on their website.

Phone: Varies by location.

Menu: What The Pitta Menu

Price: Generally falls into the $ - $$ range

A traditional vegan thali with flatbread, featuring flavorsome curries and condiments, representing Thenga Cafe's Indian cuisine.

Thenga Cafe

Spice it up! If you're on the lookout for vegan dishes with a punch of Indian flavors, Thenga Cafe is the place to be. Every day, their roster changes with a new vegetarian delight accompanied by a variety of cakes.

Back in March 2019, the eatery reported that it had fully transitioned to vegan, so rest easy knowing all your choices here are plant-based. Apart from Indian cuisine, they also diversify their offerings with other dishes.

Their options are not limited to sit-down meals. Fast-food choices, take-out, and bakery items are up for grabs. The fusion of different cuisines sets it apart. Pizza, anyone? And who could resist some British fare? Whether you're in for a quick meal or a leisurely dinner, Thenga's got you covered.

Address: 120 Cromer St, London WC1H 8BS

Phone: 020 3817 9919

Price: $

An artistic vegan meal with a puff pastry centerpiece on a bed of smooth puree and greens, showcasing the creativity of Mallow's vegan cuisine.

Mallow Canary Wharf

Have you heard of Mallow? It's an offshoot of Mildred's, a well-known veggie hangout in London. This place takes your tastebuds on a trip around the globe with dishes from Italy, Malaysia, India, and the Middle East. Whether you fancy a burger and fries or want to nibble small plates, Mallow’s got you covered. The spot shines with their small plates options, think shiitake miso croquettes and refreshing pea and mint tortelloni.

If you're in the mood for something worth posting on Instagram, you'll appreciate Mallow's plate presentation, it’s an artwork of color with floral touches. Don't forget about the cocktail menu! It's brimming with creative blends perfect for catching up with pals over.

What's more? It's mushroomed a second branch in Canary Wharf, catered for East London-dwellers.

Address: 12 Park Dr, London E14 9ZW

Phone: 020 8050 8704

Menu: Mallow Canary Wharf Menu

Price Range: $$

An assortment of Neapolitan pizzas with vegan toppings on a rustic table, characteristic of Purezza's plant-based pizzeria.


Now get this. Purezza - its name means 'purity'. Well, let me tell you, they sure live up to it. This place is the real deal - the UK’s first vegan pizzeria. It's relaxed, but buzzing, and the plant-based pizza toppings - oh, boy - they’ve got it all! I'm talkin' wood-smoked tofu, finely-sliced seitan, rice-based mozzarella, even beetroot carpaccio!

And if you’re craving something sweet, I bet an Oreo pizza sounds wickedly delicious, right?

It's not just about pizza either. The atmosphere is laid-back, but modern, just the kind of place for a chill night out. Also, wanna know a secret? They've got locations all over - Brighton, Hove, Bristol, even here in the heart of London. So really, wherever you are, you won't miss out on great pizza.

Address: 45-47 Parkway, London NW1 7PN

Phone: 020 3884 0078

Menu: Purezza Camden Menu

Price Range: $$

En Root at The Railway Tavern

Now let's hop over to The Railway Tavern in Tulse Hill. It's got a kickin' kitchen run by En Root, a place known for Indian-inspired comfort food with a vegan twist. Can you imagine biting into crunchy plantain chaat or noshing on tandoori oyster mushroom wings? Sounds fun, right?

Hands down, one crowd favorite is the Tulse Hill thali. Picture this: golden rice, dal, saag aloo, jerk plantain mushroom mix, rainbow salad, and pickled cabbage & plantain all on one plate. Talk about a feast!

But we ain't done yet! Satisfy your sweet tooth with En Root's piña colada pani puri. Consider it your sweet reward for eating all your veggies.

Address: Location specifically associated with The Railway Tavern, South London.

Menu: En Root Menu

Price Range: $-$$

A close-up of a gourmet vegan dish with a pumpkin base topped with spiced chickpeas, from the plant-focused menu of Tendril.


Guess what? Just a short stroll from the bustling scene of Oxford Circus lies a quiet, dimly-lit sanctuary known as Tendril. It's the brainchild of Chef Rishim Sachdeva and you'll love the relaxed vibe. Here, they serve (mostly) vegan, mouth-watering small plates. Imagine tucking into sesame-speckled purple sweet potatoes. How about some lip-smacking tiramisu? Yes, it's all plant-based.

Picture this. You're in the heart of the city, yet this spot is cozy and oh-so romantic. You're savoring your dinner, creating unforgettable memories, and best of all? You're still enjoying that vegan lifestyle, no compromises! Isn't it great? You can have your cake (or vegan tiramisu) and eat it too.

This isn't just another restaurant with vegan options, it's a place where meat-free dining feels completely natural. Whether you're a hard-core vegan or just dabbling, at Tendril you can look forward to a meal that's both satisfying and full of flavor. Isn't it time you checked it out?

Address: 5 Princes St, London W1B 2LQ

Price Range: $$$

A vibrant selection of vegan dishes including spicy stews and fried plantains, capturing the essence of Jam Delish's Caribbean vegan menu.

Jam Delish

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Angel, you'll find Jam Delish. This spot was sprung to life by two siblings with a love for sharing their vegan upbringing. Beginning as a pop-up scene visited notably by the likes of Raheem Sterling, Lily James, and Common, Jam Delish now makes its home in a permanent base.

Here's where vegan versions of your favorite Caribbean dishes come into play. Be ready for a hearty mix in their oxtail stew which combines a rather unique combination of jackfruit, wild mushroom, butterbeans, and squash or their vegan take on curry goat and fish tacos. They've got you covered for all meals with offerings for a set menu, weekend brunch, and even a slew of decadent vegan desserts. Their brunch is referred to by Vogue as one of the best in London, boasting platefuls of plantain pancakes loaded with whipped cream, fresh mango, toasted coconut, and summer berries.

Jam Delish's menu even goes a bit experimental with their veganised Caribbean classics - get this, they've got Jerk Chicken Wings made from marinated soya and seitan served on a sugar cane skewer. Is it just me or does that sound intriguing as well as delicious? It's not all departures from tradition though, they also offer the comfort of the familiar with dishes such as Curry Goat and Ackee and Codfish. Also, their Bacon Mac n’ Cheese, Chicken Salt Fries, and the vegan dessert variety round off an enticing offer.

Address: 1 Tolpuddle St, London N1 0XT

Phone: 07957 439777

Menu: Jam Delish Menu

Price Range: $$

Black Cat

Stroll on over to Hackney and you'll find Black Cat Café, a must-visit spot that'll satisfy all your vegan cravings. Its ethical stand makes it stand out from the rest: everything on offer, from the food to the cleaning products, is 100% plant-based. But it's more than food. This spot not only advocates for animal rights but also supports local businesses, selling their products within the café.

They've got it all, from deep-filled sandwiches to hearty main plates. You can expect to find a variety of dishes rotational in nature, influenced by the seasons and fresh ingredients. Don't be surprised when you spot your favorite dishes in new, enlightened versions.

The vibe of Black Cat Café mirrors the neighborhood: friendly and relaxed. You really feel a part of the local scene when you step inside. It's more than just a dining experience, it's a community.

What really seals the deal though, is the not-for-profit stance. Operating as a worker's cooperative, every bite you take is a contribution to the continuation of an ethical food industry. So why not take a seat at Black Cat Café, where a meal is more than just a meal.

Address: 76A Clarence Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 8HB

Phone: 020 8985 7091

Price Range: $$

Unity Diner

When you want to switch gears from the rustic vibe of the Black Cat Café, Unity Diner in Hoxton screams modern charm. A huge hit among locals and travelers alike, this diner proudly sports a neon sign that declares 'The future is vegan'. And their 100% vegan menu certainly backs up this bold prophecy.

Their delicious vegan creations won't just give you an unforgettable dining experience, they also have a beautiful mission behind them. Profits? They're all donated to an animal rights charity. Talk about food with a cause!

Their culinary creativity will surely titillate your taste buds. From fake burgers, hot dogs, wings crafted from seitan to inventive poké bowls and salads brimming with the trendiest ingredients - think tempeh. And you're not left to navigate this fantastic fair alone, their lovely staff add to the warm, feel-good ambience.

If you're craving more than burgers, Unity Diner has you covered. Their extensive menu boasts an endless list of non-burger treats just waiting for you to try. Now that's something to get excited about! The best part? None of their delectable dishes will make you feel guilty, they're all part of the vegan revolution.

Address: 60 Wentworth St, Spitalfields, London E1 7AL

Phone: 020 7426 0224

Menu: Unity Diner Menu

Price Range: $$

Club Mexicana

If you think vegan food is about munching on lettuce all day, Club Mexicana is here to prove you wrong. Born from music festivals, pub pop-ups, and supper clubs in Hackney, this gem has found a permanent home in Soho and it's always jam-packed.

With a crowd that's crazy for seitan-stuffed burritos, you might wonder what the fuss is all about. Well, it's not just the burritos. The menu is a fiesta of flavors with standout dishes like the famous al pastor taco, ingenious tofish taco, and the delectable jackfruit 'ribs'. It doesn't stop there though - there's another Club Mexicana outpost in Spitalfields. So no matter where you find yourself in London, you're never too far from a vegan treat.

Before you go thinking it's all about the food, let me tell you about Taco Tuesdays. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat tacos for just 20 bucks per person! Bet that's music to your ears.

Address: Locations in Shoreditch, Brixton, and Soho - specific addresses can be found on their website. (

Menu: Club Mexicana Menu

Price Range: $$

Tofu Vegan

Next on your vegan food tour, make a beeline for Islington's Tofu Vegan. The newbie on the vegan scene is gaining recognition for its stellar vegan Chinese cuisine. And no, it's not all about the tofu! The restaurant uses a plethora of plant-based ingredients to churn out a menu bursting with innovation.

Here the much-loved traditional Chinese dishes get a vegan makeover with standout dishes like the Cantonese sweet & sour 'chicken', Peking 'duck', and sliced 'fish' in sizzling chili oil. Now that's a fabulously fresh vegan dining twist, wouldn't you agree? And if you've been missing proper Chinese food since embracing veganism, Tofu Vegan is your new culinary haven.

The crown jewel is the twice-cooked 'fish' dish, which boasts a crisp batter coating and a soft inside that will unquestionably transport you to food heaven. Can't wait to immerse, right? Don't worry! The prices are pocket-friendly, making Tofu Vegan an irresistible vegan treat.


  • Islington: 105 Upper St, London N1 1QN
  • Golders Green: 28 N End Rd, London NW11 7PT
  • Spitalfields: 54 Commercial Street, E1 6LT

Phone Numbers:

  • Islington: 020 7916 3304
  • Golders Green: 020 8922 0739
  • Spitalfields: 020 7998 6640

Menu: Tofu Vegan Menu

Price Range: $$

A meticulously plated vegan dessert with a scoop of sorbet and caramelized fruit sprinkled with nuts, representing the high-end vegan cuisine of Gauthier Soho.

Gauthier Soho

Gauthier Soho, a swanky townhouse spot in Soho, is where you’ll find Alexis Gauthier. He's a vegan chef with Michelin stars under his belt - 12 years' worth to be exact. He's flipped the script on traditional French cuisine by veganizing familiar recipes. Expect to find mouthwatering appetizers like golden glazed swede with citrus marmalade and miso-infused dressing, or main courses like tempeh and corn with kaffir lime, popcorn, and bean shoot salad.

What makes Gauthier Soho further stand out is the affordability, especially for a seven-course vegan tasting menu priced at just 55 per person. Now, that's a steal!

Top that off with the chance to dine with a Michelin-starred chef and Gauthier Soho gets even more appealing. Their Petit Diner tasting menu offers a perfect sampler of seven courses, but if you’re in for a culinary adventure, there's the ten-course Grand Diner letting you experience the full spectrum of what Gauthier has to offer.

Address: 21 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AF

Phone: 020 7494 3111

Menu: Gauthier Soho Menus

Price Range: $$$$


Have you been around Hackney since 2015? Then, you might've enjoyed a mouthwatering plate served by Vegan Chef King Senathit. Now he's offering fast food with a twist in Spitalfields.

Imagine tucking into a huge bowl of high-grade sweet and sour BBQ loaded with crunchy fresh veggies and sprinkled with hemp seeds. You can choose between vegan chicken or tofu to complete your dish. Not your everyday fast food, eh?

Itadaki Zen

On to our next stop, and boy you're in for a treat! Itadaki Zen is a Japanese vegan haven nestled near King's Cross station. What's unique about this place is it serves up 100% vegan Japanese tapas - yes, you heard right! Imagine enjoying dishes like Tofu Steak, Misoglazed Aubergine, and even Vegan Calamari right in the heart of London.

This little spot boasts a concise menu but don't think for a second that it compromises on taste! The star of the show here is the udon noodle soup, which comes delicately flavored and generously portioned. And if you swing by for a midweek lunch, I suggest trying out their bento box. This one's a winner with its light and crispy kakiage tempura.

Side dishes here are not to be missed out on either! You might want to make some room for the spring rolls or a side of kakiage to go with your udon. And for those with a sweet tooth, Itadaki Zen rolls out special desserts each day like Passionfruit Mochi, and Matcha Affogato. Now doesn't that sound like a heavenly treat?

The ambiance here can only be described as Zen-like tranquility; a virtue reflected in its relaxed and friendly staff – a complete contrast to the usual fast-paced London lifestyle!
What? There's more? Believe it or not, their location is just as serene and inviting. Whether you're situated in Camden Town or Hackney, you're only a short trip away. So, go on and make a beeline the next time you're nearby.

There you have it! Itadaki Zen – a little slice of Tokyo right here in London. Let’s proceed with our vegan tour around town, shall we?

Address: 139 King's Cross Rd, London WC1X 9BJ

Phone: 020 7278 3573

Mildreds - Covent Garden

Been to Covent Garden lately? You got to check out Mildreds. Yeah that's right! That same old popular joint that has been serving London since 1988. It isn't just about British classics you know. They've got a bit of everything - Asian fusion, Middle Eastern style meals, you name it! And breakfast and brunch? Absolutely! You'll find some real treat there.

If you're not a morning person, that's cool too. Evenings at Mildreds have their own charm. Grab a relaxed cocktail or try one of their vegan beers and wines. It's truly a place that embraces all dietary preferences!

Don't forget the location! Nestled in the bustling heart of Covent Garden, it's right where you want to be after a long day of sightseeing or shopping. Remember there's always room for a hearty meal at Mildreds.

Address: 79 St Martin's Lane, London WC2N 4AA

Phone: 020 8066 8393

Menu: Mildreds Covent Garden Menu

Price Range: $$

Temple of Seitan

Imagine walking into London's first-ever vegan chicken shop - the Temple of Seitan. Your mouth might start watering at the sight of peppery popcorn-style nuggets, battered strips, or a burger all made from 'meaty' wheat gluten or as the cool kids call it, seitan.

Their menu doesn't stop there. If you're in the mood to add a little extra, well, who can resist their add-ons like zingy red slaw, or vegan mac 'n' cheese with irresistible smoky facon cubes.

Remember, they got their start in Hackney as a humble street stall. If you fancy a bit more comfort during your meal, you've got an option - Temple's sibling in Camden offers indoor seating.

Ready to test out your heat threshold? You might want to try their scorching Temple Spicy burger - think chipotle mayo, coleslaw, cheese, jalapenos, and sriracha. Hot damn, indeed! If burgers or nuggets aren't your thing, you're still in luck. Their vegan choices range far and wide.

Sounds like a paradise for vegan foodies, doesn't it?

Address: 10 Morning Lane, London E9 6NA

Phone: 020 7627 1328

Menu: Temple of Seitan Menu

Price Range: $

Loving Hut

From street food stalls like the Temple of Seitan to full-blown restaurants, London's plant-based dining scene has something for everyone. And when it comes to Loving Hut, organic ingredients and non-GMO products take center stage.

This pan-Asian vegan eatery, nestled in Archway, promises everything from crispy aromatic 'duck' to barbecue vegetable ribs that you'll immediately recognize. Got a sweet tooth? You're in for a special treat - their vegan cheesecake is nothing short of legendary.

Talk about a rich, comforting, and ethically sourced meal! But going vegan at Loving Hut doesn't mean going small. Treat yourself to a generous bite of the plant-based universe – you deserve it.

Address: 669 Holloway Road, Archway, London, N19 5SE

Phone: 020 7281 8989

Menu: Loving Hut Menu

Price Range: $$

Pastan Barbican

You think you know pasta? Wait until you try Pastan Barbican. This family-owned Italian joint is not your average ol' trattoria. Specializing in fresh, handmade, and artisanal pasta, Pastan whips up classic favorites like puttanesca and carbonara. Oh, and there's innovation in the mix too - salads and even prawn tempura.

Sounds delectable right? That's because it is. But here's the cherry on top - their dessert. If the thought of mini Biscoff-filled doughnuts doesn't get your taste buds dancing, check your pulse. Before you plan your visit, let's take a peek at their menu.

FavoritesExciting Finds
PuttanescaCaesar Salad
CarbonaraPrawn Tempura

Address: 12-14 St John St, Barbican, London EC1M 4AY

Phone: 020 7998 4242

Menu: Pastan Barbican Menu

Price Range: $$

vegan dessert from Naïfs


You're at it again, exploring vegan restaurants in London's Peckham neighborhood. Nestled in a peaceful residential area, you'll find Naïfs, a cozy family-run spot specializing in small plate dishes. Once the stomping ground for Tom Heale, ex-sous chef at the highly acclaimed Vanilla Black, Naïfs now showcases his culinary skills in a low-key, yet charming environment.

Doling out Middle Eastern-inspired dishes, this eatery personifies the green wave of veganism currently sweeping through the city. With every bite, you'll get a taste of the careful effort that has gone into creating the appetizing spread. From in-house kombucha and chilled brew teas to intricately crafted botanical cocktails, they do treat drinks with as much importance as their food.

We'll leave it to you to discover the diverse flavors. After all, there's more joy in the journey than in reaching the destination. But do remember, your vegan quest in London is far from over.

Address: 56 Goldsmith Rd, Peckham, London SE155TN

Phone: 020 3490 2422

Menu: Naïfs Menu

Price Range: $$

WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything)

Imagine strolling through London and stumbling upon WAVE, a trendy café that's painting the town red - or rather, green - with their vegan delicacies. They're dishing up everything from Bali bowls to brekky bowls, faux-salmon bagels to freakshakes and don't even get me started on their mac 'n' cheeze! It's all downright drool-worthy.

The founders of this sanctuary for plant-based foodies are no rookies but the dynamic duo behind the 'Cupcakes and Shhht' vegan cake company. They've cornered the vegan scene with a Californian vibe that's hard to resist. I guarantee, one peek at their visually stunning dishes and you'll be snapping away for your Insta feed.

Their location in Hackney is quaint and their Scandi-meets-tropical décor will transport you straight to the beaches of Bali - no boarding pass needed. Perfect for lunch, their savoury dishes are the talk of the town. If you fancy an adventure, give their smoked carrot salmon bagel a try, or dare to investigate into a stuffed croissant with cheeze and Marmite.

WAVE makes a serious statement: Who said vegans can't have everything? So, next time you find yourself in London, this vegan hotspot is worth a detour. You certainly won't leave hungry - nor will you miss the meat. Where to next? Let's keep the vegan adventure rolling. There's still so much more of London's plant-based paradise left to explore.

Address: Multiple

Menu: Hackney Menu

Price Range: $$

Facing Heaven

Experience Facing Heaven, a cozy little gem in Hackney. Here, the lip-tingling Chinese-inspired dishes will make you wonder if you're actually eating vegan food! Imagine diving into plump mock-pork dumplings drenched in a chili flake-infused oil, or crunching into chunks of black "

The red and green lighting, the single fake roses on tables, and the disco ball in the bathroom, all add to the slightly chaotic but fun charm. Whether you're out for date night, catching up with pals, or fancy a solo noodle treat, this place is a go-to.

Feeling adventurous? Try the fiery menu of feisty vegan fun, with options from crispy cauliflower florets to the creamy matchstick potato salad. Don't forget a side of crunchy tofu skin seaweed toast. Expect a lot of Sichuan pepper, enough to make your mouth tingle!

Address: 1A Bayford Street, London Fields, London E8 3SE

Price Range: $$

Vantra Vegan

When it comes to good food, London's got you covered, but the real treat lies in its thriving vegan scene. Try a place like Vantra Vegan. You'd be in for a delightful surprise when you step in. A departure from the traditional idea of restaurants, this spot is all about natural and the mantra of using food as the path to wellness.

Beyond the sizzle and glam, there's some serious thought going into every plate here. You're not just munching on carrots and lettuce at Vantra Vegan. They serve steamed and raw vegan dishes from an a la carte menu. Picture a platter loaded with vibrant, crisp vegetables, bursting with flavor, making you forget about missing meat or dairy.

They don't just stop at food. Have you ever paired a raw meal with an organic cocktail? Sounds different, right? Vantra Vegan ups the game by offering an organic lounge bar and live performance space. You could be sipping your favorite drink while listening to some cool vibes wafting through the air.

It’s a whole experience that embraces vegan living without compromising flavor, fun, or sophistication. So, if you're eager to discover what London's vegan scene has to offer, Vantra Vegan might just be the perfect, refreshing departure from the norm. Give it a whirl; it could surprise you.

Address: 5 Wardour St, London W1D 6PB

Phone: 020 7287 5222

Price Range: $$

Sisterwoman at Moko

Have you heard of Safiya Robinson, the resident chef at the trendy Moko hi-fi bar in Tottenham? This place is more than just a bar - it's a beacon for modern vegan soul food. Imagine yourself indulging in small plates and lunch specials full to the brim with flavors that'll dance on your palate.

Each dish - whether it's grilled okra, spelt cornbread, or the famous rudeboy sandwich - comes with its own personality. The rudeboy sandwich, for instance, is a towering assembly of cornmeal fried oyster mushrooms, spicy ackee remoulade, and escovitch pickle.

At night, expect an exciting menu, featuring cheesy grits with jerk grilled oyster mushrooms glazed with a hibiscus scotch bonnet chili oil. Or perhaps you'll fancy stewed black-eyed peas with tempeh bacon and kale chips. Sisterwoman at Moko - truly a vegan spot that you must check out.

Address: Moko - 39b Markfield Road, London N15 4QA

Menu: Sisterwoman at Moko Menu

Price Range: $$

A fine dining vegan experience featuring a savory chickpea dish on a smooth puree, served at Scully St James's.

Scully St James's

So you've made it to the end of our vegan food journey in London. You've explored the trendy Moko hi-fi bar and salivated over the modern vegan soul food at Sisterwoman. It's clear that London's vegan scene is thriving and diverse, with plenty to offer. Whether it's the grilled okra, spelt cornbread, or the signature rudeboy sandwich that's got you drooling, there's no shortage of flavorful options for your palate. And let's not forget those cheesy grits with jerk grilled oyster mushrooms or the stewed black-eyed peas with tempeh bacon. But don't just take our word for it. Get out there and experience these vegan hotspots for yourself! After all, the proof is in the pudding... or in this case, the vegan soul food.

Address: 4 St James's Mkt, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AH

Phone: 07359 519227

Menu: Scully St James's Menu

Price Range: $$$$