Best Vegan Friendly Cities in the U.S. in 2024

March 18, 2024

vegan cities in the us

Oh, have you caught onto the whole vegan wave sweeping the U.S.? It's not just about salads anymore; it's huge. Cities are turning into vegan havens, and it's making life so much easier and tastier for everyone—locals and travelers alike.

Think about it: being in a city where finding a vegan meal is as easy as finding a coffee shop is like living the dream. It's like these cities aren't just places; they're showcases, proving you can thrive on a plant-based diet.

For folks living there, it's amazing. No more menu gymnastics to find something you can eat. And for those of us with a case of wanderlust, it's a relief. No more packing snacks out of fear of only finding cheese-laden menus.

And the coolest part? These vegan-friendly cities are like living ads for a better, greener way of life. They're showing the world that, hey, we can do this, and it's awesome. So, as we check out the top vegan spots for 2024, let's toast to the cities leading the green charge. May their streets always be lined with avocado toast.

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Criteria for Ranking Vegan-Friendly Cities

What makes a city a paradise for vegans? Well, let me spill the beans on how we rank these green metropolises.

  1. Number of Vegan Restaurants and Businesses: The core of vegan-friendly cities? Their abundance of vegan restaurants and businesses. It's not about the odd salad here and there, but cities flush with vegan delights, where Portland shines with entire vegan districts. Here, variety truly is the spice of vegan life.
  2. Vegan Events, Festivals, and Community Engagement: Beyond the food, it's the buzzing vegan events, festivals, and community spirit that set these cities apart. Places like Los Angeles and New York aren't just eating vegan; they're living it, with festivals and activities that bind the community in a colorful, plant-based tapestry.
  3. Availability of Vegan Products in Mainstream Outlets: The real test? Finding vegan products in everyday stores. Cities like San Francisco make it a breeze, turning the hunt for vegan goods into a simple shopping trip. This mainstreaming of vegan products makes living plant-based as easy as vegan pie.
  4. Public Perception and Support for Veganism: At its heart, a city's embrace of veganism shows in how normal it feels to choose plant-based. In Austin, asking for vegan options is as everyday as asking for the Wi-Fi password, encouraging more businesses to offer plant-based choices and fostering a culture of acceptance.

Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Autumn colors in Portland, Oregon skyline

Portland, Oregon: The Vegan Trailblazer

Ah, Portland! The city where the term 'vegan' isn't just understood; it's a lifestyle embraced with open arms. Here, nearly 50 fully vegan restaurants stand tall, boasting everything from cream-filled donuts to the best Banh Mi you’ve ever tasted. And it doesn’t stop at food; Portland is home to the only vegan market, Food Fight!, and even a vegan tattoo parlor, Scape Goat Tattoo. The vibe? Imagine every restaurant nodding to veganism with a wink and a nudge, saying, "We've got you covered."

Los Angeles skyline at sunset with palm trees

Los Angeles, California: Where Vegan Dreams Come True

Los Angeles, the city where vegan food scales the heights of Hollywood glam. With nearly 1,000 plant-based restaurants, it’s a vegan mecca that churns out everything from fancy cuisine to heart-warming burgers and fries. LA blends the dazzle of celeb sightings with nature hikes in Runyon Canyon, offering a side of green with every glitzy experience.

Central Park surrounded by New York City skyline

New York City, New York: The Big Apple Goes Green

In NYC, vegan isn’t just an option; it’s a smorgasbord of choices. From chic dining to greasy, satisfying slices of New York-style pizza, the city caters to every vegan whim. Don't miss the city's first vegan shoe boutique, Moo Shoes, and let your culinary adventures lead you through some of the city's iconic museums.

Golden hour over Philadelphia skyline

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A Hidden Vegan Gem

Philly, once an underdog in the vegan scene, now stands proud with mouth-watering vegan Philly Cheesesteaks and hearty Italian hoagies. It’s a blend of U.S. history lessons with a side of plant-based deliciousness. The city’s vibrant spaces, like Cherry Street Pier, offer a dash of art and food trucks, making it a must-visit for every vegan traveler.

Chicago's Cloud Gate sculpture and skyline

Chicago, Illinois: The Windy City’s Vegan Delight

Chicago welcomes you with its laid-back charm and a vegan scene that’s as rich as its history. The city’s famous for its pizza, but vegans rejoice with offerings like Kale My Name’s mac-n-cheese balls. It’s a city where your quest for vegan food gives you an unintended, yet delightful, tour across town.

Aerial shot of Miami Beach and skyline

Miami, Florida: Sun, Sand, and Vegan Eats

Fast-forward from a decade ago, Miami’s vegan scene is now sizzling hot! From chic dining to French pastries at L’Artisane, it’s a vegan’s beachside paradise. And when you’re not lounging on the beach, Wynwood’s street murals and the unique Coconut Grove Farmers Market await your exploration.

Skyline of Austin, Texas with river

Austin, Texas: The Vegan Heart of Texas

Austin, surprising many, has blossomed into a vegan oasis. With a food scene boasting vegan milkshake trucks to authentic Birria tacos, it’s a place where food adventures never cease. And when you’re not feasting, Austin’s love affair with the outdoors – from kayaking on Lady Bird Lake to exploring Barton Springs – offers a perfect balance.

Twisty Lombard Street with San Francisco cityscape

San Francisco, California: The Compact Vegan Haven

San Francisco, packed into its seven-by-seven-mile frame, is a burst of vegan flavors and iconic attractions. From breakfast bowls brimming with berries to crispy empanadas, the city is a testament to vegan variety. And don’t forget to clear the fog with a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge and the majestic Redwoods at Muir Woods.

Seattle skyline with Space Needle and Mt. Rainier

Seattle, Washington: The Cool Kid of Veganism

Seattle mixes a laid-back vibe with a thriving vegan food scene that would please even the pickiest eaters. Whether it’s a quick bite at Veggie Grill or a special evening at The Harvest Beat, Seattle ensures you’re never far from a vegan delight. Plus, the city’s art and culture scene adds a rich layer to your culinary journey.

Aerial view of Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado: High Altitude, High Vegan Standards

Denver takes the outdoor lifestyle to a new level with a focus on plant-based eating. It’s where the vegan lifestyle meets the great outdoors, offering a fresh perspective on living green in the city.

What Makes a City Vegan-Friendly?

So, imagine we're hitting up a city that's like a vegan paradise. What makes it awesome isn't just that you can find a veggie burger everywhere. It's about feeling like you belong, no matter where you dine. These places? They get it. You walk in, and there's a whole spread just for you, not just some sad side salad.

It's all about everyone feeling welcome, easy peasy access to vegan goodies everywhere, and seriously cool eats that make even your non-vegan pals jealous. Like, who knew jackfruit could taste so good?

How to Enjoy Vegan-Friendly Cities

Alright, diving into a city's vegan scene is kinda like joining a secret club, but way cooler. Tip number one: get on HappyCow. It's like your vegan compass, pointing you to all the cool spots.

Hit up the local markets and any vegan shindigs going on. That's where the magic happens. And honestly, just wander around. You'll bump into places that no app or guidebook knows about. Plus, walking or biking around means you've earned that extra slice of vegan cheesecake, right?

The Future of Veganism in the U.S.

So, where's this whole vegan wave heading? It's booming, thanks to Instagram and TikTok making veganism look as cool as it is. We're talking about a future where asking for a vegan menu doesn’t get you weird looks.

Cities are gonna lead this green revolution, turning from just places on a map to epicenters of the vegan lifestyle. And with more folks getting why veganism rocks—for health, the planet, and the animals—we're not just on a trend. We're riding a massive wave that's only getting bigger. So, here's to more adventures and killer vegan dishes that make us wonder why we ever ate anything else.


Wrapping up our plant-based tour, it's crystal clear: vegan-friendly cities are more than just a spot on the map; they're lifelines for the green-hearted and curious foodies alike. These cities are blazing trails, showing us that living compassionately and indulging in mouth-watering cuisine can go hand in hand.

So, next time you're plotting your escape or just dreaming about your next meal, think about dropping by one of these vegan paradises. Whether it's for the innovative jackfruit tacos in Austin, the chic vegan diners in Los Angeles, or the earthy, vegan-friendly vibes of Portland, there's a flavor for every palate.

And hey, supporting these havens? It's not just good karma; it's a toast to a healthier planet and a nudge to more cities to join the green wave. Every vegan meal enjoyed, every vegan festival attended, and every supportive shoutout on social media helps paint our towns green. So, let's lace up our sneakers, charge our phones for those foodie pics, and dive fork-first into the vibrant, vegan-friendly cities of 2024. Here's to discovering new tastes, making friends, and, of course, to our planet.


How do vegan-friendly cities impact the local economy?

Picture this: every cool vegan spot that pops up is like a mini economic booster rocket. They're not just dishing out amazing plant-based eats; they're creating jobs, luring in tourists, and giving a little extra zing to the local vibe. And guess what? Most of these places love keeping it local, from the veggies on your plate to the brew in your cup, helping everyone in the community thrive. It's like a green circle of life.

Can I find a variety of vegan cuisines in these cities?

No way! It's like the United Nations of flavors out there. You can globe-trot from the comfort of your dinner table – Ethiopian, Thai, classic American, you name it. It’s all about giving traditional cuisines a vegan spin that’s so good, it’ll knock your socks off. It's a feast for the adventurous, proving once and for all that vegan food is anything but bland.

Are there any apps or resources to help find vegan options in these cities?

Absolutely, think of HappyCow as your plant-based treasure map, leading you to the next great eatery around the corner. And don’t overlook local vegan bloggers who’ve got the lowdown on all the hidden gems. It’s like having a vegan bestie in your pocket, always ready with a recommendation.

How does veganism in these cities compare to vegan-friendly cities globally?

We're like the new kid on the block, chatting it up with the cool, worldly cities that have been at this vegan game longer. Places like Berlin and London might have set the pace, but U.S. cities are bringing their own flavor to the party, mixing it up and sometimes even leading the charge. It’s a global vegan potluck, and everyone’s invited.

What can I do to support the growth of veganism in my city?

Dive into the local vegan scene with gusto. Support the vegan joints around town, shout about them from the social media rooftops, and maybe even throw a vegan potluck or two. Get chatty at city meetings about why we need more green in our urban diet. Every little bit helps sow the seeds for a vegan-friendly town. Plus, you’ll meet some awesome like-minded pals along the way.