Vegan London Travel Guide

April 4, 2024

red bus in a busy london street

Traveling to London as a vegan? You're in the right place. HappyCow named it the most vegan-friendly city in the world! Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just curious, London's got you covered.

Here, it's all about delicious vegan food. Picture yourself enjoying some of the city's best plant-based dishes. But it's not just about eating. London offers cool, ethical shopping and vibrant events that celebrate vegan living.

So, get ready to explore. From top-notch restaurants to events that put veganism in the spotlight, London is buzzing. It's a place to enjoy life, help the planet, and discover the joys of vegan living. Welcome to your green adventure in London!

Vegan Accommodation in London

Currently, there is only one hotel offering a fully vegan hotel room in London, which is the Hilton London Bankside Vegan Suite.

Imagine a place where everything, and I mean everything, caters to the vegan lifestyle. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with plant-based luxury. The pillows? Not a feather in sight, just pure, cruelty-free comfort. The minibar? Stocked with vegan snacks that'll have you doing a happy dance. Even the toiletries are eco-friendly and animal-friendly. It's like Hilton peeked into the mind of every vegan traveler and said, "We got you." Staying here is not just about the plush comforts; it's about feeling good knowing everything around you aligns with your values. Plus, it's in Bankside, so you're smack dab in the middle of all the cool stuff London has to offer. Whether you're here for the vegan lifestyle or just curious, this suite is a game-changer.

For more vegan-friendly hotel options in London, check out our guide here.

Vegan meal with roasted vegetables, cherry tomatoes, pesto, and microgreens on a black plate.

Vegan Restaurants in London

We have a list of 25 of the best vegan restaurants in London here. But here are 5 of our favorites:


Pockets is celebrated for its mouth-watering falafel-stuffed pitta breads. Originating as a street stall, it has now found a permanent home due to its undeniable popularity. The combination of crispy fried potatoes, fresh houmous, and tangy pickled mango sauce creates a flavourful experience that's hard to forget. It's a testament to the simple yet perfected menu that draws plant-based food lovers from all corners.

What The Pitta

A Turkish-inspired gem in Camden, What The Pitta transforms the late-night snack scene with its vegan doner kebabs. Swapping out the traditional lamb for marinated soya chunks, these kebabs are served in a homemade flatbread with an array of vegan sides. The portions are generous, and the experience is completed with a serving of vegan baklava, making it a must-visit for those seeking a unique twist on vegan cuisine.

Thenga Cafe

For a spicy adventure, Thenga Cafe offers vegan dishes infused with Indian flavors. Since it transitioned to a fully vegan menu in March 2019, it has been a haven for those craving plant-based Indian cuisine alongside other international dishes. From fast-food options to bakery items, Thenga's diverse offerings cater to all dining preferences.

Mallow Canary Wharf

As an offshoot of the well-known vegetarian spot Mildred's, Mallow takes global cuisine to a new level with vegan versions of dishes from Italy, Malaysia, India, and the Middle East. Their small plates, such as shiitake miso croquettes and pea and mint tortelloni, are not only delicious but also Instagram-worthy, thanks to their artful presentation.


The UK’s first vegan pizzeria, Purezza, lives up to its name, which means 'purity'. With a relaxed atmosphere, this pizzeria offers an array of vegan pizzas topped with innovative ingredients like wood-smoked tofu, rice-based mozzarella, and beetroot carpaccio. Their approach to vegan pizza is not just about the food; it's about creating a modern, laid-back dining experience.

Two people enjoying vegan street food together in a busy market.

Vegan Street Food in London

Exploring London's vegan street food scene is like opening a treasure chest of diverse, colorful, and delicious plant-based gems. From the bustling markets to the vibrant food stalls at events, there's no shortage of vegan delights in the city.

Arabica Bar and Kitchen offers an amazing falafel wrap at Borough Market, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite. Though not entirely vegan, their vegan offerings are a testament to the versatility and appeal of Middle Eastern flavors​​.

For something sweet, head over to Greenwich Market for Brazilian Churros rolled in sugar or cinnamon and filled with vegan chocolate sauce, offering a delightful treat for those with a sweet tooth​​.

King Cookdaily in Hanbury Street is where to go for South Asian inspired vegan fare, serving up delicious noodle bowls, full English breakfasts with tofu scramble, and coconut curries that are sure to impress​.

What The Pitta offers a legendary vegan doner kebab, making it a prime spot for those in search of a hearty, meat-free option. Their spiced soy chunks and homemade sauces make for a delicious and guilt-free indulgence​​.

For those with a penchant for sweets, Ruby’s of London at Greenwich Market provides a stunning array of vegan cakes, brownies, and donuts, ensuring there's something to satisfy every dessert lover​.

Lastly, Horn OK Please, found at Borough Market, showcases the ease of skipping meat in Indian cuisine with their vegan moong daal dosa, a delicious and flavorful Indian-style lentil crepe​​.

Elegant afternoon tea with cakes and berries on a tiered stand.

Vegan Afternoon Tea in London

In London, the tradition of afternoon tea gets a plant-based twist, serving up everything from dainty sandwiches to luxurious cakes, all without a dash of dairy or a smidgen of meat. Let's spill the tea on some of the top spots where you can indulge in a vegan afternoon tea that's as scrumptious as it is kind to the planet.

First up, B Bakery's Vegan Afternoon Tea Bus Tour combines sightseeing with snacking. Imagine nibbling on mini cakes and sipping tea while cruising past London's landmarks. It’s a moving feast for the eyes and the palate​​.

Then there's the Langham London, offering a glass of sparkling wine with their vegan afternoon tea. It’s a posh spot that proves vegan can be luxurious, serving up an assortment of finger sandwiches, pastries, and scones that rival any traditional afternoon tea.

The Hyde at Roseate House Hotel ups the ante with sparkling vegan afternoon tea. Set in stunning Victorian townhouses, this experience marries English tradition with vegan innovation, featuring an exquisite selection of treats​​.

Not to be outdone, The Athenaeum serves a champagne afternoon tea with over 15 varieties of tea. It's where scones meet creative sandwiches and dainty pastries, all vegan, proving that classic and contemporary can coexist deliciously​​.

For something out of the ordinary, The Ampersand Hotel's Vegan Science Afternoon Tea is a feast for the curious. With dinosaur biscuits and planet-themed Victoria sponge, it’s a whimsical take on the afternoon tea tradition that’s both educational and tasty​​. Make sure to call ahead and let them know you'd like a vegan afternoon tea.

Fancy a bit of literature with your tea? The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at One Aldwych offers a whimsical experience that can be veganized upon request. It’s like stepping into Roald Dahl's imagination with every bite​.

The Hatter’s Tea Party at Egerton House Hotel brings a touch of Alice in Wonderland to the table. Vegan on request, it features whimsical treats like the Queen of Hearts raspberry jam tart, ensuring a madly delightful afternoon​​.

Over at The Savoy, the Vegan Afternoon Tea beneath the iconic glass dome of the Thames Foyer is an affair to remember. It tours imaginative cakes and sandwiches that are as sumptuous as they are sustainable​.

Lastly, Dukes Hotel in Mayfair offers a Quintessential Vegan Afternoon Tea that combines classic British tradition with vegan culinary innovation. It's a testament to London's ability to reinvent itself while staying true to its roots​.

Vegan & Vegan-Friendly Pubs in London

If you're looking to enjoy a pint or two in a setting that's both cozy and vegan-friendly, London's got you covered with a variety of pubs that cater to plant-based preferences. Let me walk you through some standout spots:

The Spread Eagle in Homerton is London's pioneering vegan pub, setting the standard with its entirely plant-based menu. Beyond its innovative dishes like the East End classic pie and the signature ‘TSE’ Burger, this pub also offers vegan beers and wines, ensuring a fully vegan experience from plate to glass. The pub's atmosphere is inclusive, welcoming everyone from families to dogs, making it a true community hub​​.

Green Note in Camden Town is a standout choice for a place that combines great vegan food with live music. More than just a pub, it's a music venue where you can enjoy vegan beers, wines, and cocktails alongside handmade vegan snacks, all while listening to live performances. It's the perfect spot for those who love to combine their culinary explorations with cultural experiences​.

Coach and Horses in Soho has the distinction of being the first vegetarian pub in the area, now offering a menu rich in vegan options. This spot has a storied history with a clientele that once included notable personalities. Today, it continues to attract Londoners and tourists alike with its vegan chocolate mousse and tofu and chips, making it a landmark for plant-based pub dining.

Vegan Community in London (Groups and Communities)

In London, the vegan community is vibrant and welcoming, offering a variety of ways for vegans and those interested in veganism to connect, share experiences, and support each other. Here's how you can get into the vegan scene in London:

First up, London Vegans. Picture this: A group that's not just for hardcore vegans but for anyone leaning towards plant-based vibes. They host Zoom events with guest speakers that draw crowds from all over, not just London. Imagine sitting in your PJs while connecting with fellow vegans from the comfort of your home. And for those days when you feel like venturing out, they've got restaurant visits and walks. They've even got a Facebook Group buzzing with over 20,000 members. It's your go-to group for finding out where to get the best vegan cheesecake in town​​.

Grocery Shopping

In London, vegans have a plethora of grocery shopping options, from specialist vegan supermarkets to conventional stores with impressive vegan ranges.

Vegan supermarkets and shops in London

  • Harmless Store, based in Hornsey, North London, is a cruelty-free shop with a fantastic range of vegan items, including a frozen section​​.

Finding vegan products in conventional supermarkets

  • Sainsbury's is the top pick for many vegans due to its large range of vegan products and clear labeling​​.
  • Tesco and Asda also boast substantial vegan ranges, making it easier to find everything from vegan staples to specialty items​.

Local and organic produce

For those looking for local and organic options, Earth Natural Foods in Kentish Town offers vegan, natural, and organic wine, among other vegan products​. The Grocery Supermarket in Shoreditch is another gem for fresh, organic produce and vegan-friendly household items.

Vegan Fashion and Beauty in London

London's vegan fashion scene is vibrant, offering various options from everyday wear to high-end fashion. The Third Estate in North London is a go-to for vegan footwear and clothing, ensuring all products are free from animal harm and made ethically.

Immaculate Vegan offers an extensive selection of vegan and sustainable men's and women's fashion, including activewear, coats, and accessories like belts and watches. They also highlight innovative materials such as apple leather, cactus leather, and Piñatex, providing a wide range of ethical choices.

Vegan Beauty

While the search specifically for beauty products in London wasn't directly addressed, many of the fashion retailers mentioned also dabble in vegan beauty. Immaculate Vegan, for instance, doesn't just stop at clothing and accessories. Their platform includes a beauty section with everything from cleansers and moisturizers to hair care and perfumes, all vegan and cruelty-free​.

Spotlight on Vegan Brands

Certain brands stand out for their commitment to veganism and sustainability. Ninety Percent is celebrated for using low-impact, vegan materials and a business model that prioritizes ethical manufacturing. Vendula is known for its quirky, vegan leather accessories that add a pop of personality to any outfit. Pangaia grabs attention with its sustainable materials and loungewear, which have become a staple for those in the know​.

Vegan Events and Festivals in London

London is buzzing with vegan events and festivals throughout the year, each offering a unique experience from food and fashion to activism and workshops. Here's a scoop on what you can expect:

Annual Vegan Events in London

  • London Vegan Fayre: The event is scheduled for December 7th and 8th, 2024, at Kensington Town Halls. It promises a cozy, community-based vibe with 110 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors. The event is perfect for picking up vegan gifts, enjoying street food, and participating in workshops and entertainment activities.
  • Vegan Life Live: The event will take place from October 18th to 20th, 2024, at Alexandra Palace. It will feature a wide range of vegan products from over 200 exhibitors. There will be cookery demonstrations, talks on veganism, and plenty of vegan food options to sample.
  • VegFest UK: Known as one of the OGs of vegan festivals, VegFest hosts events across the UK. While the 2024 dates are to be confirmed, it traditionally features vegan food, cruelty-free products, entertainment, and workshops.

Vegan Cooking Classes and Workshops

Many of these festivals offer cooking classes and workshops as part of their schedules. For instance, Vegan Life Live provides cookery demonstrations where chefs prepare everything from quick dinners to delectable desserts. Similarly, the London Vegan Fayre and other VegfestUK events often include workshops offering practical tips on vegan cooking and other activities aimed at indulging, educating, and inspiring attendees.

Cyclists riding in London with a historic building in the background.

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Travel Around London

London offers some great eco-friendly ways to get around that are good for the environment and offer unique perspectives of the city.

Public Transport is Key: Utilizing buses, tubes, trains, and trams in London can effectively reduce your carbon footprint. These transportation methods are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, helping to preserve the city's green spaces and wildlife. Additionally, they offer a convenient way to avoid the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Here's a link to the Transport for London's journey planner.

Biking Around: Cycling through London is one of the most sustainable and enjoyable ways to explore the city. It's great for the environment, keeping emissions low, and it also offers health benefits. The city is expanding its bike lanes, making it even easier to get around on two wheels.

Enjoy Walking Tours: Walking tours provide a personal way to explore the city, uncovering hidden treasures and delving into London's history while minimizing environmental impact.

Boat Tours and River Buses: The Thames offers a picturesque way to view London’s most iconic landmarks. Opting for a boat tour or river bus provides a fantastic, eco-friendly means of transportation between attractions.

Explore Lesser-Known Waterways: London's canals and lesser-known waterways provide a peaceful escape from the city streets. They are perfect for leisurely walks, bike rides, or even a boat trip. Exploring these quieter routes offers a unique view of the city away from the crowds.

A Day in the Life of a Vegan in London

Let's focus on the area around Shoreditch and Hackney for a day filled with plant-based delights and engaging activities.


Start your morning with a delicious vegan breakfast at Wave in Hackney, known for their savory brekkie bowl and picturesque ocean bowl. It's a spot that promises a great start to your day with mouthwatering vegan options.

After breakfast, a short walk will take you to Columbia Road Flower Market, open on Sundays. It's a beautiful spot to enjoy the colorful displays of flowers, pick up some plants, or simply enjoy the bustling atmosphere.


For lunch, Pipoca on Brixton Road, although a bit of a journey from Hackney, offers an inventive globally-inspired menu. However, for something within walking distance from your morning start, Farmacy in Notting Hill serves up a vegan brunch menu on weekends and holidays that’s sure to impress with its farm-to-table ethos and deliciously healthy options.

In the afternoon, explore the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington, which is a short tube ride away. The museum is free to enter and offers a wealth of art, design, and historical exhibits. They also have a cafe that offers some vegan options for a quick snack.


For dinner, stay in the Notting Hill area and enjoy a meal at Farm Girl, a cafe that serves breakfast daily and offers vegan favorites like pancakes topped with sour cherries and coconut yogurt. Their specialty coffees are a must-try as well​​.

Finish your day with a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park, one of London's largest and most famous parks. It's the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring and eating your way through London's vegan scene.